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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free-Motion Quilting Books

In my journey to improve my free-motion quilting (FMQ) skills, I found great inspiration and insights through quilting books.  I compiled a list of books on FMQ and actively began researching these books and authors.  To clarify,  I do not have copies of all of these books (but would love to). 

I hope this list may be of use to you and that you also have a chance to check these books out.  These authors are amazing free-motion quilters who have given us a wonderful gift by sharing their insights through their books.

If you have insights on other books I should add to this list, please let me know.  And, of course, I'd love to hear  about your favorites.
When I have been able to write a review on any of these books the Title will contain a link to my review.  I do plan on updating this list, over time, so you may want to bookmark this page in your Favorites and check back for future updates.

{link to review}
Cover PhotoAuthorPublisherYear Published
In The Studio with Angela Walters

Angela WaltersCT PublishingDecember 2012
Free-Motion Quilting

Natalia BonnerCT PublishingSeptemberr 2012
Easy and Fun Free-Motion Quilting: Frames, Fillers, Hundreds of Ideas

Martingale - Easy and Fun Free-Motion Quilting
Eva A LarkinCT PublishingAugust 2012
The Complete Guide to Machine Quilting
The Complete Guide to Machine Quilting: How to Use Your Home Sewing Machine to Achieve Hand-Quilting Effects
Joanie Zeier PooleSt. Martin's GriffinJuly 2012
365 Free Motion Quilting Designs

free motion quilting | quilting book
Leah DayDay Style Designs
Create Your Own Dream Feathers

Create Your Own Dream Feathers
Peggy HoltAQS 2012
Quilting Modern

quilting modern
Jacque Gering and Katie PedersonCT PublishingJune 2012
Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters

Angela WaltersCT PublishingJune 2012
Follow the Line Quilting Designs Volume Five

Mary M. CoveyMartingale & PubMarch 2012
Mastering the Art of Longarm Quilting

Mastering the Art of Longarm Quilting
Gina PerkesC&T Publishing June 2012

From Feathers to Flames
from feathers to flames | free motion quilting book
Leah DayDay Style DesignsSeptember 2011

Modern Quilting Designs: 90+ Free-Motion Inspirations- Add Texture & Style to Your Next Quilt
Editors of Quiltmaker Magazine CT PublishingOctober

501 Quilting Motifs Designs for Hand or Machine Quilting

Editors of Quiltmaker Magazine Martingale & Company, Home of That Patchwork Place2011

To Piece or Not to Piece

Irena Bluhm Irena Bluhm2011

Quilt as Desired

Charlene Frable
Krause Publications2011

Don Linn CT Publishing2011
Zen-Sational Stitches for Quilting
Zen-Sational Stitches for Quilting
Suzanne McNeil Design Originals2011

Quilting Designs from Nature
Quilting Designs from NatureLone J. Minkkinen AQS2011
250 New Continuous-Line Quilting Designs
Laura Lee Fritz  C&T Publishing2011

Leah DayDay Style Designs 2010

Glorianne CubbageMartingale & Company2010
Follow the Line Quilting Designs: Volume 4
Follow-the-line Quilting Designs: v. 4
Mary M. CoveyMartingale & Company2010

Dancing with Thread: Your Guide to Free Motion Quilting

Ann FahlCT Publishing2010

The Quilting Bible, 3rd Edition: The Complete Photo Guide to Machine Quilting

Editors of CPIn/a

lst EDITION IN 2005

Continuous-Line Quilting Designs: 80 Patterns for Blocks, Borders, Corners, & Backgrounds

Hari WalnerCT Publishing2010

Hyperquilting!  Embellishing Your Free Motionn Quilting Designs with Decorative Threads

Patsy ThompsonPatsy Thompson Designs2010
Feather Adventures

Patsy Thompson Patsy Thompson Designs2010
Free-MotionQuilting Handbook

Judy Woodworth AQS2010
How to Create an Heirloom Quilt
How to Create an Heirloom Quilt: Learn Over 30 Machine Techniques to Build a Beautiful Quilt
Pauline InesonDAVID & CHARLES2010

Sophisticated Stitches

Donn LinnCT Publishing2009

Start with a Blank Slate

Irena BluhmIrena Bluhm2009

Bluhming Bugs

Irena BluhmIrena Bluhm2009

Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy: 186 Designs from 8 Simple Shampes

Eva A. LarkinMartingale & Company2009

Machine Freehand Patterns

Nan MooreAQS2009

250 Continuous Line Quilting Designs

Laura Lee FritzCT Publishing2009
Gammill Design Center

Irena BluhmIrena Bluhm2008
Quilts of a Different Color

Irena BluhmAQS2008
Gammill Workstation Plus the Magic of Freehand Embellishment

Irena BluhmIrena Bluhm2008
Whimsical and Funky Feathers

Irena BluhmIrena Bluhm2008
Follow the line Quilting Designs: Volume Three
Follow-the-line Quilting Designs: v.3: Full-size Patterns for Blocks and Borders

Mary M. Covey
Martingale & Company, Home of That Patchwork Place2008

Mindful Meandering: 132 Original Continuous-Line Quilting Designs

Laura Lee FritzCT Publishing2008

Bluhming Background Designs 2

Irena BluhmIrena Bluhm2008

Hooked on Feathers

Sally Terry AQS2008

Foolproof Machine Quilting: Learn to Use Your Walking Foot Paper-Cut Patterns for No Marking, No Math Simple Stitching for Stunning Results

Mary MashutaCT Publishing2008

Hand and Machine Quilting Tips and Tricks
Hand and Machine Quilting Tips and Tricks Tool
Harriet Hargrave and Alex Anderson2008

Machine Quilting: The Basics and Beyond
Machine Quilting: The Basics and Beyond
Lynn WitzenburgLaundauer Publishing2008

Joanie's Quilting Elements: 7 Simple Steps to Navigate and Stitch
Joanie's Quilting Elements: 7 Simple Steps to Navigate and StitchJoanie Zeier PooleKp Books2008

Creative Classics: 250 Playful Continuous Line Quilting Designs
Creative Classics: 250 Playful Continuous-Line Quilting DesignsLaura Lee FritzC&T Publishing2008

Show me how to Plan my Quilting

Kathy SandbachCT Publishing2007

Quilt This:  Practical Patterns For Everyday Quilting
Quilt This: Practical Patterns for Everyday QuiltingLynda SmithAQS2008

Feathers of a New Generation
Lisa Calleself published2006

Machine Quilting Solutions: Techniques for Fast & Simple to Award-Winning Designs

Christine MaraccciniCT Publishing2007

Machine Quilting with Alex Anderson: 7 Exercises, Projects & Full-Size Quilting Patterns

Alex AndersonSimply Quilts2007

Quilting Inside The Lines Machine & Frame Quilting (Golden Threads)

Pam ClarkeAQS2007

Blooming Background Designs

Irena BluhmIrena Bluhm2007

Quilt as Desired: Your Guide to Straight Line and Free-Motion Quilting
Quilt as Desired: Your Guide to Straight-Line and Free-Motion Quilting

Charlene C. FrableKp Books2007

Secrets of Elemental Quilting: Innovative Quilting Designs Plus Trapunto Tips and Tricks

Karen McTavishn/a 2006
Quilting for Show: A Practical Guide to Successful Competition Quilting
Quilting for Show: A Practical Guide to Successful Competition Quilting

Karen McTavishn/a 2006

Follow the Line Quilting: Volume
Follow-the-line Quilting Designs: v. 2
Mary CoveyMartingale & Company, Home of That Patchwork Place2006

Quilting Possibilities...Free... Filler Patterns (Golden Threads)

Sue Patten AQS2006

Pepper Cory Quilting Pattern Collection
Pepper Cory Quilting Pattern CollectionPepper CoryAQS2006

Quilting Dot-To-Dot Patterns for Today's Machine Quilter (Golden Threads)

Cheryl BarnesGolden Threads & AQS2006

Quilt Savvy:  Gaudynski’s Machine Quilting Guidebook

Diane Gaydynskin/a2006

Mastering the Art of McTavishing

Karen McTavishKaren McTavish2005

Coloring With Thread: A No-Drawing Approach to Free-Motion Embroidery

Ann FahlCT Publishing2005

Heirloom Machine Quilting: Comprehensive Guide to Hand-Quilting Effects Using Your Sewing Machine, 4th Edition

Harriett HargraveHarriet Hargrave2004
Follow the line Quilting Designs:
Follow-the-line Quilting Designs

Mary  CoveyMartingale & Company, home of That Patchwork Place2004

Best of Shirley Thompson Quilting Patterns

Best of Shirley Thompson Quilting Patterns
Cheryl BarnesAQS2004

Machine Quilting: A Primer Of Techniques

Sue NickelsAQS2003

The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Quilting: How to Use a Longarm Machine
The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Machine Quilting: How to Use Any Longarm Machine - Techniques, Patterns and Pantographs - Starting a Business

Linda M. TaylorC&T Publishing2003
Amish Patterns for Machine Quilting
Amish Patterns for Machine QuiltingPat Holly and Sue NickelsDover Publishing2003

Show me how to Machine Quilt

Kathy Sandbach
n/a 2002

Guide to Machine Quilting

Diane GaudynskiAQS2002

Continuous Line Quilting Designs: Especially for Machine Quilting
Continuous Line Quilting Designs: Especially for Machine QuiltingPat CodyDover Publications2001

Easy Machine Quilting

Jane TownswickRodelle Press1999

Fast & Fun Machine Quilting

TBD TBD 1997

Machine Quilting Primer

Cynthia MartinQuilt in a Day1996

Machine Quilting Made Easy

Maurine NobleMartingale & Company1994
60 Machine Quilting Patterns
60 Machine Quilting Patterns
Sue Nickels & Pat HollyDover Publications1994


Dana Gaffney said...

I have a few of these, which I love, but you've opened some doors here. I really like the ones that I can browse and see designs when I'm stuck on how to quilt something. Thanks for the list, it looks like I have some research to do.

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I had no idea there were so many! Thank you for doing the research, I will go through them and see which I would like to add to my library! Our stores don't carry lots of international books, so ordering them online without the benefit of looking through them first is a lottery; you never know what you get.

Marjorie said...

Wonderful list - there are some new ones I hadn't seen, but also many old favorites.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I am horrible at free motion and I need to work on it. I look forward to your reviews!

Leah said...

You don't own a copy of From Daisy to Paisley: 50 Beginner Free Motion Quilting Designs?

Shoot me your mailing address and I'll send you a copy and a copy of From Feathers to Flames when it's ready to print!


Leah Day

Quiltingranny said...

I would just like to be brave enough to do FMQ. Thank you for sharing!

paulette said...

Thanks for compiling this list..complete with pictures!! I REALLY like pictures (visual learner) so when I am in the store I KNOW the book on sight!! No need for a written list!! Again thank you!! You're the best!

cleomisty said...

Thanks for the list I have several and you have added a lot more I can check out.love your blog it keeps me busy in the evening
thanks a bunch