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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Once again, I've Moved. I'm still changing, still evolving, still growing!

My process for setting goals for 2018 provided time to reflect.  Highlights of what I've decided to do:

SewCalGal was where I originally started blogging, with a focus on those "in the business", where I researched and shared insights about new products, designers, teachers, authors, events, etc..  Some of the content is still helpful, so I unarchived SewCalGal's historical post, allowing them to be viewable.  But I do not plan to post future updates on this blog.

QuiltShopGal was created as SewCalGal grew and when I purchased the domain name, I moved to a self hosted blog.  Unfortunately the costs for me, given I don't make money off of blogging, negatively impacted by own quilting budget and I needed to find a way to minimize expenses of being a blogger, if I am to continue.  Thus, early 2018 QuiltShopGal.com moved to a free wordpress blog and can now be found at www.quiltshopgal2.wordpress.com 

Creative Latitude Time was created as followers asked me to share what I was up to personally.  While I don't think I live an exciting creative life, I created a blog where I periodically share what I'm up to.  These are easy posts, where I don't research to share insights, nor do I create something to share insights about a particular designer.  It is a place where I simply share what I create, thru a variety of creative projects.  You can find this blog at:  http://creative-latitude.blogspot.com/

I hope you'll follow me at QuiltShopGal and Creative Latitude Time.

You can find QuiltShopGal at:
Blog:          www.quiltshopgal2.wordpress.com 
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You can find Darlene at Creative Latitude time at:
Blog:            http://creative-latitude.blogspot.com/

Pinterest:     https://www.pinterest.com/creativelatitudetime/

Instagram    https://www.instagram.com/creativelatitudetime/

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Twitter:       https://twitter.com/CLatitudeT

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