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Monday, February 3, 2014

A Year of Red and White Quilt Challenges - Phase One - Quilt Show of Quilts Made Prior to 2014

Welcome to the Quilt Show for Red and White Quilts made prior to 2014.  This is the first show of three, during the Year of Red and White Quilt Challenge.  Throughout the year, you can always check the main page for this event, which is labeled as "A Year Of Red and White Quilt Challenges", on  a tab underneath the header image.  This page will be updated throughout the year and always contains links to current challenges.

red and white quilt show - Made Prior to 2014

This event is all about having fun and sharing quilts that may be of any size, any style, but they need to be red and white (no other colors) and made prior to 2014.  

You may have designed and made this quilt, or you may have purchased a pattern or used a free pattern to make it. You may have inherited such a quilt, or have been given a quilt. It may even be an antique.  

Before you enter by way of the linky below, be sure you read this entire post, including the rules show further below in this post.


1) In keeping with the spirit of this show, your quilt ideally should have been finished before 2014.  If it is a large quilt and you finished the top before 2014, you can still enter it in this challenge.  But don't overlook that you have the option of waiting to finish your quilt and enter it in one of the two quilt shows scheduled later this year, to show quilts made in 2014.  Your decision as to which way you want to go.  For large quilts, SewCalGal will accept you to enter both in the show for quilts made prior to 2014 (tops) and if you finish your quilt you are welcome to enter it again in one of the shows for quilts made during 2014.

2) You need to own the right to enter the quilt(s) that you share in this show.  You can not take a photo of another red and white quilt and enter it as your own.  This breaks the rules, brings you bad kharma, and makes you a quilter with bad integrity.  

3) Bloggers need to: 

  • have their entry be captured in a post that is dated during the show dates.  Links to old posts will be removed.  
  • announce in their post that they are participating in this show and include a link to this show, encouraging others to participate as well as come to have fun and view all the entries.  After all, the more participants the more fun and inspiration we will all have.
  • Share insights about your quilt in your post.  If you designed it you may want to share insights about your design. If you used a purchased pattern or free tutorial you may want to share insights about that.  And, share anything you feel inspirational about your red/white quilt that you feel appropriate.

4) Non-Bloggers need to also do what is asked of bloggers (see above), but this is more difficult so don't get overwhelmed with it. Just try to incorporate what you feel appropriate into the text description when you upload your photo entry to Flickr.  To clarify, SewCalGal realizes that there are a variety of tools that support uploading photos, but it is easier to provide Q&A support for one tool. And Flickr is what I'm asking non-bloggers to use.    

  • Non-bloggers will can upload as many photos of their quilts as they wish to Flickr and share in the group "Year of Red and White Quilt Challenges".  Click here for a tutorial on how to do this.  Think of this step as a version of what a blogger goes thru to write a blog post, but yours is much simplified.
  • Non-bloggers will need to copy/paste a direct link to their favorite photo that they've uploaded to the linky in this post.  Click here for a tutorial on how to do this. 

After this quilt show, SewCalGal will host the Design It! Challenge.  This event will be held from  February 10th   thru March 23rd 2014.  It will be open to professional designers, want to be designers, quilters that design their own projects, as well as quilters that want a challenge of designing.

 Designs can be for quilt projects of any size or any style.  If you wish to later sell your design you can enter a sneak peak photo of your design.  Some may wish to share a tutorial or free pattern for their design.  How much info on your unique design will be up to you, but you can not enter a design created by someone else and enter it as your own design.  

Designers use a variety of tools as will participants that enter this challenge.  Many will use Electric quilt Software, which allows you to easily create designs and export images that you can use to enter your design.  Those that use other designing software can also enter, as well as those that design by way of doodling on paper.  At a minimum, you'll need to submit an image of what your quilt will look like (but you need not make it for the Design It! Challenge).    

red and white quilt show - Design It

Having problems entering by way of the Linky or how to use Flickr?  Click here for a tutorial.

For questions, be sure to check the FAQ post.  If you still have questions Email SewCalGal email address copy

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Mary said...

Glad I READ the Entire Post. I had posted a great write up with this quilt for the Quilt Bloggers Quilt Show a couple years ago. I was going to link-up to that post until I read the RULES! The Red & White Virtual Quilt Show is a Great Idea on this Snowy Monday in SE Washington State. I wrote up a New Post just for you!
I hope everyone enjoys it.

Denise :) said...

How fun! I've not made a Red and White quilt...YET! I love that so far there are three different It Takes Two quilts up there! :)

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

Red and white...classic!

Barb said...

It is so fun to see all of the R&W quilts....

Kitchener Quilter said...

I traveled to NYC to see the Red and White quilts, and was blown away. I was inspired to making a R&W quilt, but I've only just now gotten around to it. I have 2 wip's but nothing finished to enter in your show! Thanks for hosting this, I've loved seeing and reading about all these wonderful quilts.