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Sunday, February 2, 2014

FAQ - For Challenges and Shows

SewCalGal is using this page for a place to provide FAQ info for current challenges (e.g Year of Red and White Quilt Challenges and Make It  A Handmade Christmas Challenge), which are both 2014 events hosted by SewCalGal.

This FAQ information will be updated throughout the year, as appropriate.


How do I enter a challenge, aka add a Link to a Linky ?   Click here for a tutorial on using a Linky to participate in a virtual show or challenge hosted by SewCalGal.  Traditionally the main page for any challenge that SewCalGal hosts can be found on tabs underneath the blog header image.  On those main pages you'll find more info on the challenge, as well as links for specific posts for current challenges or shows  that will have the linky you will use to enter.  For the current Design It! Challenge click here: http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/2014/02/design-it-challenge-phase-two-of-red.html

May I enter more than one project/photo?  As a general rule any challenge SewCalGal hosts you can always enter more than one project. But, you can only enter one link in the linky per person.  For bloggers it is easy to have that link be associated with a blog post with more than one photo (e.g. more than one project.  Non-bloggers are limited to one link to a single image in flickr. While you can upload to flickr more photos, you can only have a link  to one image.  That image may be a collage or a photo of all of your projects.

May I enter something I blogged about previously ?  Yes, but you need a current blog post that is dated during the event window you are entering.  And in your post you need to let others know you are sharing it on your blog to enter (insert name/link of the event), ideally encouraging others to enter and/or view the event too!  Afterall, the more that enter these events the more fun everyone has.

Why does SewCalGal ask bloggers to include a badge and/or link back to the main post for the event, which has a linky? My actual hope is that fellow bloggers and even non-bloggers let others know that they are entering the event at SewCalGal and encourage others to participate too. After all, the more that participate the more inspiration and fun we all have.

How do non-blogger participants enter?  Follow the instructions below to upload your photos to Flickr.  You can upload as many as you wish, but you can only add a link to one photo (or a link to a photo collage if you are able to create a collage and upload it to flickr).

How do I add a link to SewCalGal's post to my blog or flickr description?  In my tutorial for How to add a link to a linky, there are examples for how to copy a URL to a direct link to a blog post of specifc photo in flickr. You can use this approach to copy a URL for a specific challenge or show on SewCalGal and paste that link into your blog post (or use it as a hyperlink) or flickr text description.  Click here to read the tutorial to add links to linkys.  Refer to Step One for Bloggers for how to copy a direct URL.

How do I remove or change a Linky ?  Once you add a linky, when you view all of the links added to the Linky Party, you will see a little 'x' next to the link you added.  No one else will see that x, but if you need to delete your link (e.g. delete and re-add a link to correct an incorrect link), you can click on that x to edit/remove your link from the list.

What If I want to be a sponsor for one of these challenges?  Email SewCalGaemail address copy


How can I find the current challenges?  Throughout the year, as challenges and events are released, links will be added to the main page for this event.  Underneath the blog header you will see a tab labeled "A Year of Red and White Quilt Challenges".  Simply click on that tab and scroll down to find links to current (or older events).

May I enter antique quilts?  If you are the owner of an antique quilt you can enter it in the virtual quilt show for quilts made prior to 2014.  Please share any historical insights on the quilt (e.g. who made it, designer, when made) that may be known.

Can quilts with Red, White, Black or Red, White and another color be entered?  No!  This is a Challenge that was inspired by the Red and White Quilt Show in New York in 2011.  Quilts can be any size and any stile, but they need to be red and white.  Various shades of red/white are ok, but it needs to be in the red/white family.  To clarify red, red prints, white, creams, light tans are all fine for those that want a red/white scrappy quilt.  No pinks, purples or other colors.

Do I need to use EQ software for the Design It! Challenge?  No. Many designers and quilters enjoy designing their projects using EQ software, but you can enter a design using any quilt design software, or draw your design out on paper.  This is all about the design process.  But, for those that wish to have a chance at winning fabric from a Fabric Manufacturer, to be able to make their quilt, will need to specify what size their design is for and yardage requirements which EQ software provides such info quite easily.

What if I only have a top made and not a completed finish?  In keeping with the spirit of this challenge the Make It! Challenge has a window that is intended to provide everyone time to make their project in 2014, thus the quilts (or at least quilt top) "should be" finished, but how finished is up to you to decide.  Same for the virtual quilt shows.

May I use the logo artwork for these challenges?  Yes, by all means.  Feel free to copy and use the logo artwork for any challenge/event on SewCalGal that you wish.  PR Angels are always appreciated and I do believe they receive good kharma for doing so.  SewCalGal will try to work on creating official badges for these events, but haven't had time to do so yet (also having a problem with my blog not letting post badges on the right hand column any more and need to figure out a fix, but I can post badge code with in a post or page...all very strange).

What about creating a quilt using a block that was published in the Kansas City Star between 1928 and 1960 ?  Those blocks were published for free use to do with as anyone wished, including design your own quilt.  They were not copyright protected.  Thus, you are able to design your own unique "quilt" without worry of copyright issues.

Keep in mind the most obvious copyright concerns is when you take a design from a published pattern, book, or even a blog that has a copyright statement to it.  You can not enter such a design in this challenge and claim it to be your design.  If in doubt, you can create a version that you feel is unique and contact the designer to confirm you have created a unique version that may have been inspired by their design.  And, if they confirm yours is unique and not a copycat you can copyright your own unique design and do with it as you please.

In the world of quilting there are many variations (e.g. size of blocks, size of quilts, borders, sashing, applique shapes, etc.).  Being inspired by a quilt design falls in a grey area that can place you at risk of copyright issues.  Always best to make something very unique, or consider checking with the original designer to have them confirm they are not concerned that you copied their design.

I understand the Make It! Challenge will incorporate aspects of precision piecing and free-motion quilting.  How can I share a tutorial to help?  Wonderful. Bloggers can certainly write such a blog post during the Make It! Challenge and let me know and I'll gladly help with PR.  Or email me email address copyto schedule in advance a guest post/tutorial on SewCalGal.  I'd like to provide a variety of tips, tutorials and inspiration during the Make It! Challenge for both precision piecing tips and techniques, as well as free-motion quilting.  And, during the two final shows at the end of the year, I hope we hear from participants that learned/improved their precision piecing skills and/or free-motion quilting skills during this year too!  Ultimately the  Year of Red/White Quilt Challenges will definitely has more of an emphasis of red/white quilts, with a bit of a flavor of precision piecing and free-motion quilting.


How can I find the current challenges?  Throughout the year, as challenges and events are released, links will be added to the main page for this event.  Underneath the blog header you will see a tab labeled "A Handmade Christmas Challenge".  Simply click on that tab and scroll down to find links to current (or older events).

Do I need to participate in EVERY Monthly Challenge to win a prize?  No.  In keeping with the spirit of this challenge our goal is to make handmade items to give as gifts or use to decorate our homes for Christmas 2014.  Participate in only one challenge and you get one entry to win a prize and the more you enter the chances you have to win (or chances to win more than one prize).  But this challenge isn't all about winning prizes, as much as sharing inspirational projects that are great for Christmas gifts and/or decorating our homes and also being ready to give handmade.

May I enter handmade items I make to sell?  No.  In keeping with the spirit of this challenge our goal is to make handmade items to give as gifts or use to decorate our homes for Christmas 2014.

May I enter a handmade item I made prior to 2014?  In keeping with the spirit of this challenge No, but the exception would be if you made a quilt top prior to 2014, or another item, and finished it in 2014.  You can be the judge.  There are not any quilt police in this challenge, but SewCalGal does believe in Kharma and if you enter something that does not adhere to the intent of this challenge, simply to win a prize it may bring you bad kharma.

If you still have questions or recommendations, please email SewCalGal email address copyand I'll try to answer your question as fast as I can.

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