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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Potato Chip Bag, by Paula Hughes

When I first heard about the "Potato Chip Bag", I wondered why anyone would want to make a bag to carry their potato chips.  Of course, I had to research to find out more.  A local store sold out of these patterns so quickly, it was like providing a bowl of potato chips to a group of hungry kids. Thus, I want to clarify that SewCalGal has not actually had an opportunity to make a Potato Chip Bag, nor read the pattern, but I'm passing on insights on what I think is a cute pattern that I think others would enjoy making for themselves, as well as for gifts.  And I wanted to share my insights on this bag and the designer, Paula Hughes.  And, this bag isn't designed to carry bags of potato chips, although it might just work!

When Paula  first designed the bag, she made several different colors to match her various outfits. Upon seeing a number of Paula's bags, customers at the Quilt Country  shop joked that she couldn’t make just one. Paula replied , “ Yeah, it’s just like the famous potato chips - you can’t eat just one; I couldn’t make just one.” Hence, the potato chip bag was named. Coincidentally, the purse is just large enough to hold a small bag of potato chips.

Paula shared that the most surprising thing about this bag is just how much it actually carries! Her friends and family are always amazed when she turns her bag upside down and tons of stuff pours out. Those four pockets really help keep it all organized!

This cute pattern, and several other new patterns by Paula Hughes, will be at Quilt Market in the Quilt Country booth.  Wholesalers can also order through Quilt Country, Checker or United Notions Wholesale Distributors.

Other patterns Paula has designed are:
  • Paula’s Purse – A tote-bag with lots of pockets
  • Charming Table Setting – A table runner and placemat set
  • Friendship Paths - 3 quilt sizes and a table runner featuring the friendship star design
  • Conundrum - 3 quilt sizes with easy piecing, but a complicated-looking design
  • Over and Under - 3 quilt sizes with a simple, woven-look design
Paula also have 3 new patterns coming out - just in time for Quilt Market!
  • Metro Bag- Similar to the Potato Chip Bag and a little larger, this customizable bag offers 3 different flap styles and encourages a place for personal creativity, or a place to try a new sewing technique. It’s large enough for an eReader. 
  • Mini Messenger Bag - Similar in style to the Potato Chip Bag, but this bag is large enough to hold a NetBook, iPad or eReader. It also has a small accent strip for added style. 
  • eCovers- This is a diagonally-stripped or simply-quilted fabric cover to fit over your eReader, iPad, or Netbook. It adds personalized style and extra protection!

Individual orders can be purchased from:
Quilt Country 701 S. Stemmons #60
Lewisville, TX 75067

I hope you also like the Potato Chip Bag. I know I'm eager to make one, but anticipate I too will not be able to make just one.   



Wacky Woman said...

Oh, I love it. May have to get that pattern. Thanks for sharing.

cottonreel said...

I would love to see the inside of the bag . I put a tutorial for a bag with 4 pockets earlier in the year . I like the fact that this bag has a covering flap----cottonreel

Jocelyn said...

How cute! I've not seen this pattern, but it looks very nice. I've only made one bag in my sewing career, so I'm not sure I would make more then one :-)

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I love the name and how it was coined!!! They look great.


Joanne Lendaro said...

LOVE them!! They are adorable! Thanks for the post, going to check them out.

deborah said...

Nice bags! I love making my own bags and purses...usually a quick and rewarding project! I"m especially liking the ereader covers..how clever!

Heather said...

I've not heard of this pattern/bag before, but the title of your post caught my attention.

Micki said...

I just love that bag pattern...It is just so pretty!

Beth N said...

Thanks sew much, SewCalGal!

imbz said...

Love the bags

Beth N said...

Where is my picture?

Beth N said...


Sherrill said...

OK, I'm lucky enough to live pretty darned close to Quilt Country so I'm gonna have to RUN over there this week and check em out. They look ADORABLE! Thanks for the heads up!!

CHARLENE said...

I'm a new sewer and I'm not sure how to do the straps on the potato chip bag. If I sew them on the side seams right sides together with an inch overlap, how do I sew the purse together. When I put the purse in the lining, right sides together, the straps bend the top over.
What am I doing wrong???? Also, the pattern says to stuff the extra straps through the opening in the side seam of the bag. There isn't any opening in the side seam. H E L P !!!!!!!!

SewCalGal said...


Your settings are as a no reply blogger so I was unable to reply via email to your comment, where you ask for help on this pattern. I'm not sure if you'll see this, so this will also be short. To clarify, this was not a tutorial post so I can't share details on how the designer of this pattern wrote their instructions. But if you check the tutorials on my blog you'll see a couple of tutorials that may help you, even the 12 pocket bag has photos for the strap. I also think the designer of this pattern would be glad to help you, as you would also provide her good pattern feedback so that she can create future patterns that new sewers would better follow such instructions. Email me if you need more info.

Good luck!


PS - The page of my blog labeled 'giveaways" has some screen shots and tips on how you can change your settings from no-reply blogger to allow bloggers to easily email you if you leave a comment. I hope you'll take time to adjust what I think may be your google account settings.