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Saturday, October 16, 2010

AccuQuilt Cut Fabric Swap

Welcome to the Bloggers with AccuQuilt lst Cut Fabric Swap.

The Mcklinky for this swap is below.  This link will be open to add links to posts (not links to blogs) thru midnight Friday, October 22nd.  Please be sure to read the guidelines at the bottom of this post, before you add your link.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to visit all the Bloggers with AccuQuilt products that are posting cut fabric swap proposals on their blogs:

  • Bloggers with AccuQuilt products can post on their blog their proposals for fabric swaps, where they will cut with their respective AccuQuilt product and dies.  These bloggers can add a link to their post via the mcklinky on this post.  Participants are asked to include a link in their post to this post, as well as letting everyone know their proposed swap is part of this fabric swap, hosted by Bloggers with AccuQuilt products, and that they encourage everyone to visit all the participating blogs.
  • Non-Bloggers/non-AccuQuilt owners are not allowed to post a proposal to swap, but they can still view all of the proposed swaps and many of these participants may accept a swap proposal for a non-AccuQuilt owner.  While this swap may not result in the both parties getting AccuQuilt cut fabric, if both parties approve their swap that is acceptable...and and hopefully the non-AccuQuilt owner will have fun stitching accurately cut fabric, cut with an AccuQuilt product, and later want to join this community!  But again, it is up to each blogging participate to decide if they want to do such a swap.
  • Participating bloggers may change the rules, and post on their blog accordingly.  This is a first time swap activity for this group, so this is really quite flexible. 
  • Swaps can be 2-way, 3-way or more.
  • Visit each blog, leave cheerful comments, become more familiar with other dies, have fun.
  • Parties will need to negotiate a fair yardage swaps, cutting time swap, adhesive/non-adhesive swaps.  SewCalGal is not liable for any swap negotiations or results, but does want feedback afterwards to know if this is something this group should do again. 
  • As I do not have the ability to automatically know of any swaps that come out of this, I do hope that those that negotiate a swap will email me with insights on their respective swaps.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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