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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heartfelt Opportunities

This beautiful quilt was hand made by my friend Bobbie Z. and it was given to Sue M., who was going thru chemo treatments for breast cancer at the time.  Sue is now doing well, a breast cancer survivor who is also passionate about Susan G. Komen For The Cure.  Bobbie is a very talented quilter who is also a master applique quilter.

Recently Bobbie gave me these beautiful hand applique quilt blocks, that are of the same design as the quilt shown above.   The agreement was that I use these blocks to help make a quilt for a fundraiser.  It touched my heart so much that Bobbie would be so generous to give me these beautiful blocks to help with a fundraiser of my choice. I do love helping worthy causes. 

My heart tells me these blocks should be used to make a quilt to help raise money for Susan G. Komen For The Cure.

I also have an idea for a good way that this quilt can help raise funds for Komen in 2010 and plans are in place to test the waters shortly. 

I am open for suggestions for how to layout these blocks.  I'm inclined to use the same layout that Bobbie used previously, but if you have any ideas, please post your comments or email me.  I have 12 blocks for this quilt.

Later this week I'll share insight on another Opportunity Quilt where proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen For The Cure. 


West Michigan Quilter said...

These blocks are beautiful! They will look perfect in any layout. How nice of you to do this.

Cynthia Stockdon said...

What a wonderful idea. I love the hearts! I think any way they will look great.