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A Handmade Christmas Challenge

The 2014 Handmade Christmas Challenge was all about inspiring creative people to make handmade gifts and/or holiday decor for Christmas this year, encouraging everyone to make such items throughout the year vs waiting till the holiday season kicks into full gear.

2014 Christmas Handmade Pledge

Sponsors for this event:

There hundreds of inspirational projects that were shared, as well as many tutorials.
Winners have been announced:  http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/2014/12/winners-of-2014-make-it-handmade.html

You can view the entries for each of the monthly challenges at:

If you have questions for this Challenge, please read the FAQ.


vshaynes said...

This sounds like a fun idea. I've set a goal to work in my studio as much as possible this year and this will keep me motivated.

Raewyn said...

I'm determined to have more hand-made gifts this year so any motivation wil be great - thanks!

FarmNana said...

What a great idea to start this now (I always run out of time!). Is there a button I can grab to put on my blog?

jeifner said...

What about a project that was started previously but we can turn it into a Christmas gift and finish it?

Unknown said...

I am a little confused. Do we "sign up" ? (I am a non-blogger, don't have my own web site, I am not part of Instagram, Photobucket, Flickr, etc. I read others people's posts and blogs, but not consistently.) If we sign up, how? Is the January Challenge just to commit to making something for Christmas presents/ decorations and then post a picture, or is it to create the "swirling tree" (which I thought was an embroidery design - but is it an appliqué/ quilt or something? The "prizes" - I assume that will be in December, 2014, maybe for those who participated in all 12 challenges? Sorry to be so confused!
Sue C

SewCalGal said...

Sue - please check the FAQ and let me know if you still have questions: http://www.sewcalgal.blogspot.com/2014/02/faq-for-challenges-and-shows.html

allthingzsewn said...

I'm almost as confused as Sue. I read the FAQ it did not help my question. If we sign or link up on Feb. 15th when do we post the item we make? And is that for Feb. or Mar.

SewCalGal said...


I’ll try to clarify the rules on the post for the February Challenge, as well as the FAQ.

You can do a blog post anytime during the challenge window (e.g. February 15th-February 15th), which is always for a ten day period that month. And you can post anything that you’ve made in 2014 for Christmas gifts/decorations. E.G. you may have made it in January, but if it wasn’t shared in January you can share it in February (or any month), but only share it one time.

Does that help to clarify? If not, please let me know and I’ll try to do a better job to clarify.

Barb said...


barbara woods said...

I goofed and put the wrong picture on my want to be quilter