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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The "Infinite" Ultimate Stencil, by Cindy Needham and Sneak Peak on the 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge

Cindy Needham (1)

Cindy Needham has designed many quilting stencils, over the years and has just released her newest stencil called "The Ultimate Stencil".  This is technically a set which includes a 
circle and square stencil.  The set comes with Master Grids printed on paper that you are encouraged to make copies of and use to plan out endless design possibilities.

This new stencil set is perfect for wholecloth quilting, as well as for pieced blocks.  While the stencils are 14", Cindy also shares how you can easily adapt these stencils for larger designs.  One is a circular stencil and the other is square, but they line up well should you want to create a design with both a circle and square combination!

Cindy has created four Youtube videos about the Ultimate Stencil, but I wanted to share with you her Getting Started video:

She has also created a free 27 page downloadable book for The Ultimate Stencils.

SewCalGal thinks The Ultimate Stencil is going to be very popular with those interested in free-motion quilting, as it is a perfect tool for beginners as well as experienced quilters and the design possibilities are endless.  And the price is extremely reasonable!  You can order online directly from Cindy.

Cindy has also created a two book set which SewCalGal highly recommends: Oldies But Goodies ~ New and Improved.
Oldies But Goodies contains 230+ pages, organized in chapters by Blocks, Borders, Fans, Corners, and Wholecloth Medallions.  Also included are sections for Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Stencils, Cindy's "My Design Tools", Transferring Designs, Making Borders Fit and Laying Out a Wholecloth Quilt and much, much, much more!  Cindy calls this book Oldies But Goodies as they focus on older designs and things that she did years ago, but this book is still packed with great information.

New and Improved  contains 100+ pages and focuses on what Cindy classifies as better and improved designs.  It was while working on this book that Cindy came up with the idea of the Ultimate Stencil and she has included many design ideas for this new stencil set in this new ebook that is packed with inspirational design ideas that you can use on your projects, or adapt to make a unique design.  This book shows you how to apply this stencil to blocks and corners, for wholecloth or pieced block designs.  But, the possibilities are endless for The Ultimate Stencil!  #Quiltlove, #StencilLove, #CindyNeedhamGoodness  - SewCalGal loves The Ultimate Stencil!

List of Youtube videos about The Ultimate Stencil:
Getting Started
Drafting a Simple Design using The Ultimate Stencil:  Create a flower and fill with pebbles, feathers and lines.
Enlarging a Design with The Ultimate Stencil:
Sneak Peak into New and Improved Designs

Time for a Sneak Peak on the 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge:

While details will be shared on this challenge later this month, here are some highlights:
- monthly challenges with 5 different ways to learn/improve your free-motion quilting skills each month.  Participants can complete one or all five options to get up to five entries to win prizes that will be awarded monthly.

- Cindy Needham will be one of the FMQ Experts showcased during the 2015 Challenge and in her month, one of the options in the challenge will be to use The Ultimate Stencil to create a pillow.  Another option will be to create a pillow based on designs and techniques Cindy shares in her COMPLETE COLLECTION of ebooks, which by the way, Cindy updates annually, always adding more value to these books.  Once you have purchased the Complete Collection you will receive free updates annually, so you can think of your purchase as a lifetime subscription to #CindyNeedhamGoodness!

- All five options for the monthly challenge, during the month which showcases Cindy Needham, will be based on Cindy's books, stencils, classes, as well as the free tutorial which she provided during the 2012 FMQ Challenge. More details will be shared soon.

Cindy also hosts wonderful workshops and retreats that you can sign up to attend.  She has an Xtream collection of stencils that she brings to share, with her students, as well as a vast collection of Superior threads.  She also travels the world teaching, which you can check her calendar to see if she is coming to an area near you.  Of course, you can also ask your local quilt guild and/or quilt shop to schedule a class with her too!  Or consider taking one of her online classes at  Craftsy:
 Design It, Quilt It
Machine Quilting Wholecloth Quilts

You can find Cindy at:


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teachpany said...

Great idea, Cindy! I'm really looking forward to improving my FMQ and learning more designs. Thanks for doing another challenge.

Raewyn said...

The stencils look really useful and I'm excited by the challenges too! Thank you :-) and Merry Christmas!

Karin said...

Thanks for this post...very interesting indeed. Recently purchased Cindy's Craftsy classes and am currently going through them. The new stencil is a wonderful addition to the way she makes you think about designing.

Dana Gaffney said...

The stencils are such a great idea, so many possibilities come to mind. The first challenge really started me on a path for FMQ and I learned so much, I'll be looking forward to the new one.