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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nap and Nod, by Myra Harder

For anyone that wants to make a truly adorably baby quilt, check out Nap and Nod, by Myra Harder and published by Martingale.  This book has 12 absolutely adorable baby quilts that will certainly help to decorate any baby room, and also make an amazing baby gift that will be treasured for many years to come.

There are a variety of techniques that are taught in this book including how to work with plus applique', curved seams, monogram lettering, and a variety of embellishment techniques.  This includes two ways to applique: 1) The Plus Applique' way and 2) Needle Turn with freezer paper.  Great techniques that will help make your quilts have that special brilliance for that sweet bundle of joy.

 The designs are not only perfect for cute and cuddly baby quilts, but also for wall quilts for that perfect baby room decorations.

There are also sections for finishing your quilt:  basting, quilting, binding.  SewCalGal recommends this book for beginner quilters, as well as advanced quilters.

The 12 adorable baby quilt designs which are included in this book  range in size from: 31 ½" x 45 ½"   to 36 ½" x 48 1/2".

You may find yourself having so much fun with these designs that you want to make larger ones for the kid in all of us!

And with so many beautiful designs, this book is really an excellent value too!

I hope you get a chance to check out this book at your local quilt shop, as it should be arriving in stores soon.  Of course, you can also check it out in Martingale's online store or via Amazon.

But they certainly are sweet baby quilts, perfect for that nap and nod period.  You may even be ready to Nap and Nod yourself?  Seriously, these are so cute it would be easy to curl up with these quilts.

SewCalGal hopes you get a chance to check out this delightful new book at your local quilt shop or favorite online shop.  Of course, you can also find it at Martingale's online shop and Amazon.

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Suze said...

They are great ideas and would make great toddlers quilts on a larger scale, too. This looks like a great book. I enjoy knowing about great, new books.