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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Glimpses of Quilt Market #3 - Embroider Shoppe


At every quilt show I am delighted to continue to see an increase in machine embroidery quilts on display, as well as vendors selling products for machine embroidery enthusiasts!  And, to my delight at Fall Quilt Market there were great machine embroidery designers represented in the vendor area.  And, I'm delighted to share insights with you today about some of the designs from the Embroider Shoppe that I saw at Market.


They were also at IQF Festival/Houston and they are currently on a USA Tour, visiting quilt and sewing shops around the US, with a free Trunk Show.  Possibly you have seen them, or are familiar with their designs.

For those living in Southern California, Embroider Shoppe will be holding free trunk shows at various stores in November that you may want to attend.  And they will be at shops in Northern California in the near future too.  Of course, if they are not scheduled to present a free trunk show in your area you can certainly talk to your local sewing center or quilt shop to see if they want to schedule such a free trunk show in your area.

The Embroider Shopped is a fairly new machine embroidery design house, which has been digitizing unique designs commercially for almost five years.  They are based in South Africa.  SewCalGal has stitched out many of their designs and have found them to be of high quality.  But I do want to acknowledge that some of their project based designs (e.g. in the hoop or 3D designs) may be best suited for for seasoned machine embroidery enthusiasts, or very confident ones.  I'm hopeful that Embroider Shoppe will soon be able to create some youtube tutorials for their 3D projects, but at the same time I do know some knew machine embroiderers who have stitched out such projects without any issues, yet others have had been challenged by these projects.  Still, I'll confess I'm in love with these 3D designs and eager to purchase and stitch them out.  They just seem perfect for decorating your home, as well as gifts that last!

Embroider Shoppe is the best design house I know of for 3D floral arrangements that can be stitched out in the hoop and assembled to create a thread based floral arrangement.  Would you like to receive a bouquet of these flowers?
P1050912 masked
P1050915 maskedP1050913 maskedP1050914 masked

Another 3D project that I fell in love with at Market was their 3D fairies.  I had seen them on their site, but was totally in love with them when I saw them in person.  The detail was amazing and I can imagine how cute they would be for kids to play with, to decorate bedrooms, for parties, etc..  Here are pictures of a few of the 3D Fairy designs from Embroider Shoppe, but definitely check out their site to see more designs in their 3D Fairy collection.
P1050920 maskedP1050918 masked
P1050922 maskedP1050923 masked
P1050921 masked
P1050924 maskedP1050925 masked

The 3D African Violets are so real you want to reach out and touch them. Again, I think these would make wonderful gifts as well as items to help decorate our home, office, school, church, library, hospital, etc..

P1050917 maskedP1050916 masked

And, it was fun to see a demonstration on how the African Violet design collection stitches out.
P1050927 masked

You may want to check out the designs at the Embroider Shoppe.  But, I definitely want to encourage you to visit the blogs participating in the Fall Machine Embroidery Blog Hop this week.  We are showcasing designs from the Embroider Shoppe and at each stop in this hop you can pick up tips, benefit from tutorials and get inspired by various projects from the Embroider Shoppe.  Plus you  have a chance to win designs of your choice from each stop in this hop!  Here is the line up for this hop:

Fall ME Blog Hop copy

When you visit the participating blogs in this hop, you'll find tips, tutorials and inspirational projects.  Plus, there is a sponsored giveaway at each blog where you have a chance to win your choice of design from the Embroidery Shop.  Here is the lie up for this hop:

Monday, Nov 4th
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Tammy said...

Love Embroider Shoppes designs. I did a t shirt fo rmy daughter several years ago out of the roses cupcake. it turned out beautifully. And stitched out really good. They have a lot of beautiful Breast cancer awareenss free designs also.

Rebecca Grace said...

Ooh, these photos are GORGEOUS! I'm going to have to try those flowers one of these days, and the fairies are just too stinking cute. Thanks for posting the pictures!

LJ said...

Ohhhh, just look at those poinsettias!! As I said I have the Stargazer Lily design but I do love Christmas sew.... The fairies are adorable; they are amazing. Thanks for sharing more of Emb Shoppe's designs.

JANET said...

Such pretty designs! The Fairies are cute!

VickiT said...

You are so right about the Fairies. Those are all on my list of favorites from their site. I just love the adorable faces on each one.

Raewyn said...

Wow, the 3-D work is amazing!!

Marjorie said...

Those designs are beautiful and amazing. I am going to have to have some of them. . . I probably wouldn't have the patience to do the flowers, but the fairies are just so adorable.

Unknown said...

Beautiful embroidery and projects. Thanks for the chance for a give-a-way.

Needled Mom said...

The 3D designs do look challenging, but they are gorgeous. I love the little fairy dolls with the wings.

2ne said...

Lavender and butterfly pillow looks so great - all in 3D :-)

barbara woods said...

love those fairys