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Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Golden Quilter Awards - Voting

Golden Quilter Awards 2013

Quilters from all over the world were  invited to recognize those in the quilting business by nominating them for 12 categories of Golden Quilter Awards, as appropriate.  Nominations are now closed!   Congratulations to all of the nominees as you are recognized by quilters from around the world, for your contributions to the world of quilting.  Thank you!

Sponsors of the
2013 Golden Quilters Awards:

The Fat Quarter ShopSew Fun Quilts, Kelly Jackson (I Have A Notion), CT Publishing, Aurifil, Bonnie K. Hunter (Quiltville), Udder Cream ,  Martingale and Fabrics N Quilts.

Sponsors have generously donated wonderful prizes.  And, those that vote are automatically entered to win Quilters Awards Party to celebrate the ultimate 2013 Golden Quilter Award winners prizes (so are PR Angels, nominating committee members, as well as those that come to the Golden Quilter Awards Ceremony, on March lst, will be entered to win prizes in the giveaway party, at the end of this event.  For a complete list of prizes, please read the main page for this event which you can find as a tab labeled "Golden Quilter Awards".

Every year, there are some core categories of the Golden Quilter Awards (e.g. Best Teacher, Best Quilt Store, Best Author, Lifetime Achievement Award, etc) and some new categories.  This year, there are twelve categories of awards for those in the business.

  1. Best Quilt Designer
  2. Best Fabric Designer
  3. Best Quilt Book Author
  4. Best Teacher/Instructor
  5. Best Quilt Store (physical)
  6. Best Quilt Store (online)
  7. Most Innovative Product (software)
  8. Best New Product Introduced in 2012 (physical)
  9. Best New Product Introduced in 2012 (software)
  10. Best Quilt Book Published in 2012
  11. Lifetime Achievement Award

While we do not have a Hall of Fame, all of the winners of previous Golden Quilter Awards are recognized on the main page for this event. This main page, which is labeled "Golden Quilter Awards" will also be updated throughout this event to share current links to appropriate posts.  SewCalGal encourage everyone to check this page periodically, to keep current on this event.   SewCalGal will also send out email reminders to those that have signed up for optional email updates (sign up on the right hand column).

Everyone is invited to vote.  Simply scroll down and look at all of the nominees for each category.  Click the star symbol/vote button vote button, underneath the nominee you wish to vote for.  After you've submitted your votes for one or all of the categories, scroll down and use the rafflecopter form to log which categories you voted for, to be get entries to win prizes that will be given out after the Golden Quilter Awards Ceremony.

Best Quilt Designer

Best Fabric Designer

Best Quilt Book Author

Best Teacher/Instructor

Best Quilt Store (physical)

Best Quilt Store (online)

Most Innovative Product (physical)

Most Innovative Product (software)

Best New Product Introduced in 2012 (physical)

Best New Product Introduced in 2012 (software)


Best Quilt Book Published in 2012

Lifetime Achievement Award

Please use this Rafflecopter form to log your votes, to be entered to win prizes for voting.

PR Angels are appreciated for helping to increase awareness that every quilter world-wide is invited to vote for their favorite nominees.  Please be sure to read the PR notice on this event, for more info appropriate to PR Angels, as SewCalGal appreciates PR Angels very much!

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Unknown said...

I wish the best of luck to all of you amazing quilters/teachers! I look up to a lot of you guys! Congrats :)

vwlady said...

Congrats to all & Good Luck!

AnnieO said...

Aren't we lucky to have so many choices in instructors, books, techniques, tips, tools, software, shops, and mentors? Congratulations to all of those nominated.

Material Girl said...

Congratulations to all the nominees and good luck to all, it was hard to know who/ or what product to vote for, there are so many good choices.

Marija said...

What an amazing ray of talented quilters, authors, designers and teachers - BIG CONGRATS TO ALL!
Product nominations are very interesting too - a good source of new ideas! I will share this with my guild members on our blog too - thank you!

Aileen said...

Happy to see books I've bought and teachers I've learned under in the running!

Madeline said...

thanks for the chance to vote! I wish I could have voted for more than one in some categories, I really like several verrry much, but good luck to all, you are all winners in my book! thanks for making quilting more fun, too.

kirk6400 said...

What great fun to see all the great categories and nominees. Good luck to everyone!!

Kim said...

Great group of nominees! SO much talent!!

Catina said...

Congratulations to all the quilters nominated. It was so hard to choose just one in each category.

jan said...

There are so many talented quilters who have inspired me and given so much to this community! Thanks to you all!

Patti said...

Best of luck to all the nominees. You all make quilting so much fun.

Regina said...

Lots of talent here - and hard work

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Good luck everyone. This is a fantastic group of people and really hard to make choices.

Jeannine said...

Finally an "election" that is fun, and I like all the candidates!

RN said...

Wonderful nominees! So hard to choose just one!

Shanna said...

Whata fun idea! I wish everyone well on the voting and congrats to whoever wins!

Anonymous said...

fun contest! and great selection of winners. thanks for the chance to win!

KarenS said...

Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!

grace said...

great job folks, just love the new goodies

Kathy Biggs said...

Congratulations to all of the nominees. Some difficult choices. Best of luck to all.

Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm said...

Good luck everyone

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Wish more than one of them could win in the same category! It's really hard to decide who to vote for!

Unknown said...

A lot of good choices to pick from, glad I found this and voted with only 5 hours to go!!

hehjude said...

Thanks for the chance to vote! Congrats to all the winners! The nominees are all winners because each and every one of them contribute to my joyful quilting journey!

tesuque said...

So many choices.

Jackie said...

So many awesone choices. I had to struggle to choose my favorites

Passion4Quilting said...

What an honor for all those who were nominated!! Kudos to you all for being such a huge influence in the world of fiber arts!! Good luck to every nominee!!

Patchworksmiley said...

Only one I couldn't vote on was the physical bricks & mortar quilt shop - living down under....I don't know any of them

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