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Friday, November 30, 2012

2012 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge - November Recap - Sarah Vedeler

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First, I want to recognize and formally thank Sarah Vedeler, our November FMQ Expert for her wonderful tutorial

Sarah's excellent tutorial showed us how to create different FMQ Swirls:

Everyone had fun with this tutorial, some adapting the technique to make swirls in a variety of shapes and sizes.

At the point of writing this post, there are 100+ quilters that have completed this tutorial and entered to win a monthly prize.  (note: there are over 2,000 participants that have registered to complete this challenge, but only a small percentage enter the monthly challenges).  And many enjoy the ability to "master" these tutorials at their leisure vs rushing  to complete an exercise in the month it was released. 

 Many have turned their practice sandwiches into various items including: pillows, Christmas stocking, table toppers, purses, postcards, etc.  Here are some projects that were shared using the tutorial this month:

While many shared their practice sandwiches, some shared samples of how they applied what they learned in this tutorial to their own projects:  

Quilters of all levels, from all over the world, are participating in this challenge.  While some have experience doing FMQ, many are quite new.  But, we all enjoyed Sarah's tutorial very much!  And many participants are already applying Sarah's insights, and designs shared in this tutorial to their projects.

On behalf of all the participants, SewCalGal and all of the participants want to extend a warm thank you to Sarah for providing us such a wonderful tutorial and inspiring us to learn and improve our free-motion quilting skills.  


The objective of the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge is to encourage quilters to learn and improve their FMQ skills, as well as gain more awareness to various FMQ Experts, opportunities to learn, tools that are helpful for those doing FMQ, all on a home sewing machine. While the focus is on learning, and SewCalGal does not want the focus to become all about winning prizes, but I'm also delighted that many generous sponsors have donated wonderful Grand Prizes and Monthly prizes, that will be awarded to participants randomly. It doesn't matter how good you are at FMQ, what matters is you take time to learn and improve.

Participants that do complete the monthly tutorial, in the month that it was released, and choose to enter per the rules on the original tutorial post, will be eligible to win a monthly prize.  For the October tutorial, there are three and the winners will be announced ~ mid-December.   This includes the normal monthly prize bundle, plus two (2) Winners will get their  choice of  Quiltmaker Quilting Designs software from Volume 1-8, compliments of the Electric Quilt Company.

I do want to recognize and thank our sponsors for this challenge:

SewCalGal is proud to recognize our
for this challenge.

The Fat Quarter Shop
Six prizes for Grand Prize Winners:
1 - $250 GC
1 - $150 GC
1 - $100 GC
3 - $50 GCs
logoOne lucky winner will receive a $200 gift certificate to The Stencil Company where they can pick out their favorite continuous line stencil designs that are perfect for quilting
Dream World
One lucky winner will receive a Pieceful Holiday Quilting Package, which includes:
a Steady portable tables, a Travel/Storage Bag, Sew Straight Guide, Spinner Tray and Polish Kit
Pieceful Quilting Holiday Package w/ Drawer Tray
estimated value: $149.99
The Electric Quilt CompanyOne lucky winner will receive a copy of EQ7

Retail price: $189.95
June TailorA bundle of June Tailor products, perfect for free motion quilting, with an estimated value over $100
A bundle of books, perfect for those interested in free motion quilting, with an estimated value over $100

SewCalGal is proud to recognize our
for this challenge.


sampler pack of 5 threads (12) which will be used in the monthly "bundle" prizes, every month.

Silk Stars Thread kit, with 12 spools of 40 wt threads, that was awarded to a winner in the January Challenge:

Aurifil Silk Stars Thread Collection-

note:  This prize was awarded during the January challenge.


SewSlip has donated 12 SewSlips, to be awarded to the winner of each monthly "bundle".
Revolving Sewslip images
Sewline:Trio Three Color Fabric Marking Pencils with an extra refill package to be given to winners of monthly prize bundles.
Sewline Products
Quilters TouchQuilters Touch has donated 12 bundles, each with a value of $27.95, which will be given to the winners of the monthly "prize bundles":
Machinge 1 (Medium)

  • Sew Precise Sew Fast Machine Binding DVD (retail $19.95),

note:  As machingers are sized for the winner, they will be shipped directly to the respective winners of the monthly prize bundles, from Quilters Touch.  The other part of the monthly prize bundle will be shipped to the monthly prize bundle winners from SewCalGal.
Electric Quiltwinners' choice of Quiltmaker Quilting Designs software
from Volume 1-8.  This prize will be awarded during one of the monthly challenges, in a month where there will be two winners.

The monthly Prize Bundle for this Challenge includes:
  • a sampler pack of 5 Aurifil threads, donated by Aurifil.
  • SewSlip, donated by SewSlip
Revolving Sewslip images

Quilters Touch has donated a pair of  Machingers quilting gloves value $8 each 
Machinge 1 (Medium)

And, Quilters Touch donated a Sew Precise Sew Fast Machine Binding DVD (retail $19.95), 


Sewline has donated a Trio Three Color Fabric Marking Pencils, with an extra refill package.
Sewline Products

There is still time to enter to win a prize, simply visit the November tutorial for more information. But all entries for this monthly challenge need to be submitted in November, so this is the last day you can enter to win one of  eleven (11) prizes to be randomly awarded to winners of the November Challenge.  To clarify, this is not a judged challenge.  Just simply complete the tutorial and follow the instructions to enter, that are posted on the respective tutorial.   

The main page for this challenge, which has a tab under the header of my blog labeled "Free-Motion Quilting Challenge", will be updated mid-December, to announce the winners of the November Challenge.  SewCalGal wants to be caught up and have all prizes shipped before Christmas.

And, don't forget you can find Sarah at:


Lastly, The December tutorial will be released tomorrow, December lst. An email announcement, with additional information, will also be sent to those that signed up for optional emails for this event. If you didn't sign up for such emails and are interested, click here to sign up.  

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Thanks SewCalGal.....and Sarah. These challenges have been fantastic!

Agnes B. Bullock said...

I finished my November challenge but my computer won't let me upload photos- it cannot read the sd card for some reason. What should I do about entering this month?

Quilting Babcia said...

Thanks to Sarah Vedeler and to SewCalGal for another fantastic monthly challenge! We've all progressed so much this year and are deeply appreciative of all the work that went into making this year-long challenge possible, and for each one of our monthly tutorial experts.

Purl Buttons said...

This month's exercise was a LOT of fun! Thanks, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap for November, SewCalGal! I was thrilled to see a tutorial on spirals, and learned so much in doing it. Thank you Sarah!! Your step by step instructions on forming them "clicked" and helped me to start being successful when making them.

LindaB said...

Thanks to Sewcalgal and Sarah for another excellent tutorial! There will be spirals in my quilts!

Judy MacLeod said...

Thanks sew much for this spiral tutorial this month, it couldn't have come at a better time - I'm just finishing a top that I want to use spirals on, and my spirals were pretty sad before. This month's challenge has helped me tremendously, thank you Sarah, for showing us this and SewCalGal for all you've done all year!

sherry said...

thank you so much for the time you took putting together this spiral tutorial...i need to spend more time with this pattern...but as all things in life...it also shall come to pass...thank you

Martha said...

Thank you Sarah, it was a wonderful lesson and I am planning on practicing it in the future, both with doodling on paper and quilting on fabric. It was a fabulous tutorial!!
And thank-you SewCalGal for your thoughtfulness in getting a teacher like Sarah for us. Amazing!!!