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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall EQ Blog Hop - Tutorial for using EQ7 for Glass Etching

Today I'm going to share insights with you on how you can use the wreathing tool in EQ7, as well as how to use EQ7 to create a design to etch glass.  My example will focus on a simple flower design and etching an inexpensive glass plate, which I purchased at IKEA for ~$0.99.  I think such a plate would make for a nice gift, full of holiday baked goods!

I made this simple flower design and used the wreath tool in EQ7 to create the petals.

This tutorial is broken into two phases:  Using EQ7 to create the motif and Glass Etching.

If you are new to EQ, SewCalGal encourages you to try my "15 minute per day" plan for learning EQ.  Certainly the more time you have to learn the faster you'll learn about the robust functionality that this software has to offer.  But, if you only have a few minutes even 15 minutes can be fun and a great way to learn.  Play, create, take advantage of all the free tutorials on the EQ website.  I'm particularly fond of the
Benni Harper lessons:  http://doyoueq.com/lessons_categories/benni-harper/, which you can easily start/stop and start back up again, based on how much time you have to play. And, with every 15 minutes you spend you'll be amazed how much you'll pick up.  Soon, you'll be designing your own quilts and more using EQ7 software.

Using EQ7 to create the motif 

 Start a new project and name it Flower Wreath.
 Click on the block icon

On the top menu bar click block, new block, patchdraw motif

Click the Bezier Curve tool

Click on the Applique tab and holding down your left mouse draw a left side of the flower petal.  Then repeat drawing the right side of the petal.


Click on the pick tool

Hold the left mouse button down and draw a box around the flower petal, to highlight.

2.        Place your mouse in the center of the highlighted flower petal and right click.  A pop up menu box will appear and you will need to click the “wreath maker” option.

In the WreathMaker menu box set the number of clusters to 6 and your cluster spacing to 70% and resize cluster to 100%.  Click ok.  If you do not like the look of your wreath, you can click the undo and repeat this step with different wreathmaker options, or choose to now manually position each petal on your flower.

You could click the save to sketchbook button to use this applique motif design on your quilt designs, but it isn't necessary for the purpose of using EQ7 to create a design that will be used as a stencil for glass etching.

But I do encourage you to use the save to disc button, to save all your work in your project file.

For the next step of this tutorial, I recommend you click the File button on the top menu bar and Print a copy of this design to your printer.

While this flower is a very simple design, think about how you could use a Fall leaf, holly and berries, pumpkins, witches hats, or a variety of other designs to wreath.  With EQ7, the possibilities are endless!

Now, for part two of this tutorial!

Glass etching with your EQ Flower Motif 

First, gather your supplies for stenciling:

  • glass plate
  • stencil (e.g. EQ Flower motif)
  • small craft paint brush
  • shelf liner adhesive, that you might find at a dollar store or discount store.  
  • one bottle of etchall etching creame
  • exacto knife

Cut a small square (or circle)  of your shelf liner liner adhesive.  Remove the backing and place the tacky side down on the underneath side of your glass plate.  Rub to smooth out potential bubbles.

For your stencil transfer method there are several approaches.  You may want to cut your stencil and use a sharpie to mark, or you may want to use a stiletto and a transfer media, under neath your stencil, such as a carbon tissue, transdoodle paper, etc.  But, use your stencil to mark your design on the adhesive shelf liner.  I used regular printer paper, cut thru the shape with regular craft scissors, and held this stencil on top of my glass plate, with shelf liner adhesive, and used a permanent marker to mark the design.

An exacto knive works well to cut your design out from the shelf liner paper.

Use a paintbrush to pour the etchall etching cream onto the area of your stencil that you want to etch the glass, but be sure to "pour" and not brush the etching cream.  Let the etching cream stand for 5-10 minutes. Then using your brush to lightly stroke the cream back into the container, for future use.

Take the glass, with residual etching cream, to your sink.  Place few drops of dishwashing soap and lightly rub your project and rinse with fresh water.  Remove the adhesive stencil and re-apply the soap wash to lightly scrub, rinse with fresh water, and dry with a soft towel.  Now you can enjoy your beautiful etched glass plate, with your own custom EQ7 design.

Enjoy your customized stenciled glass that you created with your own unique design, using Electric Quilt software.

I hope you have fun in this Fall EQ Blog hop.  There are oodles of tips, tutorials and inspiration that will be shared at the stops along the way, plus a few giveaways too!   Here is the line up:

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Sew Sisters Quilt Shop said...

Thanks for linking up on our FB page. :) Love your blog.. and we've been following for a bit now.

Marjorie said...

What a wonderful idea. I have never done glass etching and had no idea it could be as simple as this. This is a very nice gift idea.

teachpany said...

Great tute! I really need to learn more about EQ7, so this is a great start. And glass etching sounds like fun. Thanks.

CBH said...
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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great tutorial! Gosh I haven't done glass etching for............well a long time! Thanks for sharing!