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Monday, September 3, 2012

Things A Little Birdie Told Me

A cute little birdie told me they were flying off for a fun trip. It sounded like such a fun trip, that I wanted to share insights with you today.

There are some really beautiful quilts, table runners, pillows and special people heading to Alsacce, France this coming week.  Can you guess who is going?  Do you want to join them?  SewCalGal would certainly love to fly off and join the fun.

Wondering what is going on?

A big Quilt show is going on in Europe and Sarah Vedeler and her beautiful quilts are headed for the
European Patchwork Meeting
September 13th - 16th
Alsace, France

There are actually 25+ quilts, wall hangings and table toppers that will comprise this special Sarah Vedeler Exhibit.  Here are some sneak peaks on what you could see if you get a chance to attend this show:

GO! BeDazzled

A few GO! BeDazzled Quilts will be displayed.

{above} "BeDazzleder!" by Lisa M. Sipes. As displayed with lst place ribbon at the 2012 Road to California Quilt Show.
Artist statement: This is my version of Sarah Vedeler's GO! BeDazzled quilt. All applique is "puffed" with cut-away trapunto. Quilting motifs inspired by tribal tattoo art and enhanced with cut-away trapunto and Swarovski crystal embellishments.
Winner of $1,000.00 for Excellence in Computer Assisted Machine Embroidery
Sponsored by Moore's Sewing Center

GO! Sparkle quilts, wall hanging and table toppers will be displayed.


You'll be able to see some amazing GO! Jazzilicious quilts

Sedona Star


Peace Love and Joy Collection

{above} "Peace Love & Joy" Pillow Collection, a new "Fresh Ideas" design.

SewCalGal definitely thinks "Peace Love & Joy" pillows would be fun to make to decorate your home for the holidays, as well as for Christmas gifts.  I do want to clarify these really cute pillows will not be on exhibit at the European Quiltwork Meeting, but they will soon be on display at Olde City Quilts in New Jersey.

Inspirational Free-Motion Quilting
Whenever you get to see these quilts, to take time to admire these quilts for their beautiful Free-Motion Quilting.  They are all spectacularly quilted!

It would definitely be wonderful to attend this European Patchwork Meeting and see Sarah Vedeler's quilts, as well as all of the other quilts on display.  If you are lucky enough to attend this show, I'd love to see photos and hear your insights. In the meantime, for those of us that stay home and are enjoying the Labor Day Weekend, I want to wish you a very Happy Labor Day.  And, to all of you, I hope you are having fun and finding time to enjoy and create.

While there will be many lucky quilters to find Sarah Vedeler at the European Patchworking Meeting, you can find Sarah Vedeler at:

Sarah also has a new look & feel to her site & blog. SewCalGal hopes you'll pop over and check it out.  Plus, a "little birdie told me" that she'll have some fun blog posts released today, Tuesday and Wednesday.

How would you like to join Sarah Vedeler at the European Patchwork Meeting?  SewCalGal definitely would - maybe someday it will happen.  Wonderful things never happen if you don't dream of them!

And, if you'd like to have Sarah come give a presentation/workshop in your area, you can also let your local Quilt Shop and/or Quilt Guild Event Coordinator know.  Sarah's schedule is busy, but she does travel about once a month to give presentations and teach workshops!  SewCalGal highly recommends taking a class with Sarah on free-motion quilting and machine embroidery too!

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Gloria said...

I have wanted to go to this show for a long time. But there is always something else on in the diary for those dates!
This year it is a 40th re-union on a Mediterranean Island!
Let's hope I can go next year.

PS I will try to contact someone I think may be going and get hold of her photos for you.

Lisa Sipes said...

If I wasn't so dang busy I would be going as well! The package deals to attend are awesome. If only there were 72 hours in each day. :) I will have to live vicariously through Sarah and all of the others that get to go and drool over their pictures of good times. Can't go to them all!
Great post! You're way more organized than anyone I know!

Anonymous said...

It would be truly wonderful to attend that quilt show. One of my online friends, who is a blogger, and her compadres are going, lucky ladies that they are! I think if I went, I'd be very tempted to lose myself in Europe and never come home. Thanks for posting about the show. I clicked on the link, and found some fascinating reading.

Barb said...

Those pillows are adorable!!! What eye candy you had for us today....

Jocelyn said...

Wow what gorgeous quilts! And how fun would that be to travel to Europe to a Quilt show?