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Sunday, August 26, 2012

FMQ Challenge - Bonus Tutorial #2 - For non-English speaking participants

This post is intended only to assist non-English speaking participants in the 2012 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge.  This post can be translated and this text can be used as you watch the video, that is included in the post for the "Bonus" tutorial #2, by Susan Brubaker Knapp.

Special thanks to Maryellen McAuliffe for taking time to create this text transcription of the video in the "Bonus" tutorial #2.

FMQ Challenge Bonus Tutorial Susan Brubaker Knapp for August, 2012

Hey, everybody, this is Susan Brubaker Knapp. In my bonus tutorial that I did for the Free Motion Quilting challenge, I talked about how you could go out in your yard, into your environment, and find some motifs that are great for quilting designs. 

 I’m just about ready to start on a new project back in my studio. Come on back and I’ll show you how I stitch it up.


 Welcome to my studio. I’m about ready to get started on this piece. It’s a fern motif, and I’ve already done with chalk pencil all of the lines that I want to stitch. And then it’s just pinned together with the batting and the backing fabric. I’m going to be using this variegated green thread. This is an Aurifil 40wt thread and I’ve got a 50wt in the bobbin. I’ve dropped the feed dogs and I’m ready to get started. So in this next section, I’m going to show you how I stitch this up. 

Sit back and watch the piece take shape. 

The Finished Piece 

Videographer Extraordinaire: Julia Knapp 

Original (copyrighted) musical score by Lea Knapp 
With invaluable production assistance of Rob Knapp 


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Larissa said...

Is there supposed to be a video or photos here SewCalGal? ... A little confused :)

Татьяна said...

Я тоже не поняла где будет видео.

skippie said...

No Video attached.

teachpany said...

The video is in another post. This is only the transcription of the video, so you can translate if needed. It's a great video!!

CBH said...
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