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Friday, April 17, 2009

Little Red Hen Quilting

Little Red Hen Quilting
Regina Woodside, owner
Telephone: 760-788-4862

“Little Red Hen Quilting” is a name I just love. For me it brings back memories of my childhood visits to my grandparent’s farm. I always enjoyed watching my grandmother hand piece and hand quilt beautiful quilts. While I still love hand quilting, I love how Little Red Hen Quilting can make a quilt become more spectacular, by way of providing perfect quilting to finish off a beautifully pieced quilt top. I also believe my grandmother would have liked “Little Red Hen Quilting” too!

This long arm business is owned by Regina Woodside and is located in Ramona. Regina is a quilter that began doing long arm quilting 3+ years ago. She made the decision to pursue long arm quilting with the best equipment available, selecting a Gammil with a Statler Stitcher Computer. She offers 100+ patterns to choose from, plus offer customized quilting. The designs range from simple to highly detailed and complex patterns. So if you want a Little Red Hen on your quilt, she could certainly put some cute chickens on your quilt. To clarify, she can can work with you to customize the quilting to meet your interests, along with the particular design of your quilt. With her computerized long arm quilting, not only does she offer custom work, with edge to edge service, but she can also baste quilts for hand quilters.

While Regina enjoys working on her own quilts, she is kept busy with her long arm business and family. Thus, she doesn’t get much time for her own quilting projects. But she did share with me that she is looking forward to a quilt class with her daughter this weekend {sounds like great mother/daughter time to me}.

The “quilt seed” was planted with me by my grandmother. For Regina, the quilt seed was planted by her Great-Grandmother, who taught her to hand piece when Regina was a little girl. Regina continued on with her love of quilting throughout her life, but didn't officially become a quilter until 2003. It was after the Cedar fire in 2003, that quilting became such a big part of her life. Her church has a Prayers and Squares group (#115), and Regina officially became a quilter when she started helping this group make quilts for those impacted with the fires.

In addition to being active in her Prayers & Squares group, Regina also offers her long arm service to help with Camp Reach For The Sky and Quilts Of Valor. This very busy lady just wishes she had time to do more {I don’t think Regina knows how much she contributes now}.

One of Regina's customers entered a quilt that Regina had quilted the top and it won an award at the Del Mar Fair! Regina also has plans to someday enter a whole cloth quilt into a contest, but for now she enjoys doing long arm quilting and working with quilters to finish their projects. Actually, one of her favorite things is to see the excitement and the faces of a new quilter when their quilt has been finished. The machine quilting gives the quilts a professional finish and if the points don’t match up perfectly it doesn’t really matter anymore.

From my perspective we are very lucky to have Little Red Hen Quilting in Southern California. And I hope you will take your next quilt to Little Red Hen Quilting and give Regina a try.

Here are some photos from quilts that Little Red Hen Quilting has quilted:

The owner of this quilt likes really small quilting.
Edge to edge in the center of the quilt with one border.

This quilt is called White Chocolate. The owner saw a picture in a
magazine (McCalls Aug. 07) and said "I want it quilted like the
picture in the magazine." She was referring to the blocks that have
the parallel stitching, we chose the block and border patterns. It
was a wedding present for her son. Regina had fun with the borders,
notice that they go from the inside; small, large, medium.
This is a King size quilt.

This little quilt would be an example of Heirloom Quilting. On this
one the extra's don't stop.

~All blocks, applique, and between borders were stitched in the ditch.
~Every Block was personalized with a seasonal theme of fill patterns.
~At the customers request there were snowflakes in the upper borders
by the snow flake applique and in the lower right corner she asked
for ginger bread men. You can see the gingerbread men in the santa pic.
~There is even a personal verse hidden in one of the borders.

(can you find the mouse?)

You don't get quilts like this every day. Often once a person puts
so much effort into making the top they don't want anyone to touch
it, but the quilting on this was a lovely addition to a perfectly
pieced top.

This quilt Regina teamed up with another quilter in the area to do this quilt. Regina did the SID, flowers, birds and bee's and garden critters, and borders, and the other quilter did the fill.

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