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Monday, January 2, 2012

Plans for 2012

Every year I set goals, some of which I achieve, and others I don't.  Typically, I don't announce them, but this year I thought I would.  I'm also hoping to hear your feedback on my plans, as well as hearing about your plans too.

Here are my plans for 2012:

While I'm far from being a free-motion quilting expert, I am happy to have set the goal to learn FMQ in 2011.  I attacked it with vigor, where it was clearly my priority.  I took every FMQ class I could possibly take, and a minimum number of other quilting classes.  I watched as many FMQ DVDs and  YouTube Videos, and read as many FMQ Books.  I spent as much time as I could at quilt shows admiring beautiful FMQ work, as well as reading blogs that share insights on FMQ .  And, I practiced, practiced,  and practiced FMQ as much as I could.  While I'm impressed with what I learned in a year, I'm also now obsessed with FMQ and plan to continue improving my FMQ skills in 2012.  I definitely see taking more classes, watching more FMQ DVDs, reading more FMQ Books, and spending more time practicing!   

I plan to continue to make charity quilts for a variety of charity projects.

I want to continue to grow my skills with EQ7 and would like to achieve a level where I can design in EQ7 and others may actually want what I share! 

Like my research in FMQ, I plan to see if an old quilter like myself can significantly improve their piecing skills.  As I do fear I've fallen into many bad habbits, I'm going to research precision piecing with the same focus that I attacked learning FMQ.  And, I hope that by the end of 2012, I can be one of those quilters that can be proud to show the back of their quilts, just like they show the front of their quilts!

I want to spend more time drawing.  While I've never been good at drawing, I do find it to be relaxing.  And,  I am confortable with the thought of "learning" to doodle.  And, doodling is the theme of the 2012 Sketchbook Challenge.   Sounds like a perfect challenge for me in 2012.  

It seems like every year I have a goal to be create a more organized sewing room, but I haven't ever been able to achieve it.  I was inspired by a recent post on Bonnie Hunter's blog (Quiltville) where she spoke of "Fabric Herding" and raised the question are you a hoarder or a herder?  So, my goal is to develop my Fabric Herding skills, get new flooring in my sewing room, which means I need to organize everything and get rid of stuff I'm not using.
  • Warning:  no current state picture provided as I don't want you to think less of me than you already do, but I hope you'll keep after me as I'd love to be able to show you a picture of my sewing room by the end of 2012.  A picture, that exists only in my mind, of a very clean and orderly sewing room.
I also plan to continue with my exercise program, as well as trying to eat healthy (no, or minimal processed foods), to spend more time gardening.

To continue to grow my skills and expertise in Social Media Marketing and offer consulting to a limited number of quilting businesses.

As SewCalGal, my plans for 2012 are:

Continue to research and share insights on topics of interest to those interested in quilting, sewing & embroidery.  Likewise, help to increase awareness of those in the business, to try to help survive during our economic challengs.

Fun Fridays are planned, where I hope to showcase a variety of sponsors and host weekly giveaways.

I have plans to host the 2012 Golden Quilter Awards whereby quilters from around the world are invited to nominate, for a variety of categories, for those that help make our world of quilting so wonderful.  You'll be hearing more about this very soon.

Complete at least one quilt pattern evaluation and one machine embroidery design evaluation each month, whereby the samples will be given to charity. And insights on the designer and design will be shared on SewCalGal.

Host blog hops and other fun activities, to increase awareness on ways to use various Modern Quilting Tools.

I'm on a Mission to make the US National Quilt Day a World Quilt Day.  Of course, I could use your help to make this happen.

I will continue my search for  Quilters that don't win giveaways/no reply bloggers and try to set them on a path to increase their chances of winning in giveaways.

Sadly, I realized I had to say I couldn't do it all in 2012.  I've decided I can't host the Pets on Quilts Show in the future, but I'm happy that Jacque (Lily Pad Quilting) will be the host of this fun event in the future.  For similar reasons, I've also concluded that I can no longer host the annual Christmas Quilt Show and I'm hoping a fellow blogger will come forward to volunteer to host this event, in the future, vs letting it die off.

What do you think of my goals for 2012?  Do you have any other recommendations?  Did you make any goals for 2012 ?  Do we have any common goals?

What ever you do in 2012, I hope you have a very happy & healthy year and find time to enjoy and create!


sao said...

I like your goals - and you have inspired me to FINALLY take on the challenge of learning FMQ.

I am dedicating myself to a one a month charity donation quilt......and to try something new I am taking the 2012 COLOR CHALLENGE (Judy Laquidara put this on her blog at www.patchworktimes.com)

I am also a Bonnie Hunter fan - a HERDER...(although before Bonnie coined this phrase I thought of myself more as a Martha Stewart wannabe. :) I like my stash (as well as my towels in the linen closet) to LOOK pretty. I often put similar fabric colors in BASKETS...yes, really - wire, traditional, and in my COLLECTION of antique wicker picnic baskets stacked here and there!!

Good luck with your goals and your drawing challenge too!

sao in Midlothian, VA
drsaowens@ gmail dot com

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I like your goals and think they are achievable. I'm with you on the FMQ and hope to improve, which shouldnt be to hard for me as I can't do it now! lol I would love to hear your views onthe EQ7 program or if you know of anyone who has done an honest review of it. I want to give it a try but dollars need to be wisely spent in this house.

Jennie said...

It sounds like you are going to be very very busy - good luck for the new year!

Larissa said...

What a great big list of things you wish to achieve this year!! I'm impressed with your goals ... They all look like great things to aim for! I am looking forward to watching you achieve them!!

Josie McRazie said...

I guess I don't pay that much attention to adverstising (I am a focus on one thing kind of gal) and I noticed today that the ad was for Full Sail Univerity My brother went there!
anyway great goals! I am GOING to have a quilt done to show at our local show.! I know it is not much, but that is my goal! I have till Sept!! I can do this!

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

I wish you good luck, may all your goals be fulfillment.
One of my goals is to follow the FMQ-Challenger, and as every year to finish my UFO´s , not to start so many new projects (it´s the 2. January, and I already did ;o) to spent less money on fabrics and notions...and I could use some days organizaing my sewingroom too...
Boah, that a lot of goals, first I´ll go sewing *lol*
Liebe Grüße

MarthaVA said...

My "challenges to myself" for this year are to improve my FMQ by joining your challenge; to improve my overall quilting (I like simple, easy to complete, and also applique which I hope to improve on also); do more photography and make cards out of the photos I take; improve my weaving by doing more patterns and using different fibers; I want to make enough things with all of my hobbies to be able to sell at craft shows in the Fall.
I hope to earn some money, and get a better sewing machine with more options on it so I can increase what I want to do with my sewing.
I want to be better at everything and focus more.
I also want to be a better friend to everyone in my life. :-)

Becky said...

Very thoughtful and reflective! I love that you are realistic about what you can or can't do. Thank you for your generous giving to the quilting community!!! I'm grateful for all that you do for us. Happy New Year! Happy 2012!

LeAnne said...

Have you tried Zentangles yet? I'm not a doodler either, but it's helped me learn how to doodle. It's zentangle.com if you want to check out the official site.

Sharon said...

I just read the above comment on Zentangles...yes, you must check it out. I started tangling in June and I love it...a great way to relax and just doodle your heart out! I will check out the Sketchbook challenge...sounds great, as do the rest of your plans for 2012!

rubyslipperz said...

Wow...you have an long, but very admirable list for 2012. Sometimes, if I put too much on my list of goals, I end up being mad at myself for what I didn't do. I usually start with just 2 or 3 things in January (as year long goals). If by the end of January, the goals are still in line with what I am wanting to accomplish...then, I might add another for February.

I have learned tho, that if I don't write a goal down...at least somewhere...it will have NO chance of survival.

I DO NEEEED to try to work on the "herder vs horder" thing! I'd not seen my stash or the accumulation of it...from that particular point of view. And, it is a VERY good thought to ponder!!

I am wishing you many goals accomplished as you pursue them in the coming days/months. You deserve many accolades for all that you do for the sewing community. You give MUCH! and for that many you be blessed in return. =)


Terrie Sandelin said...

Thank you for all you do! You've been such a source of inspiration!! And I'm looking forward to improving my FMQ skills this year. Not to mention more AccuQuilt fun, of course!

Deborah said...

I'm joining in with you on the FMQ challenge...getting ready to watch the first video now. I really excited to master my machine. Looking forward to get to knowing you better this year.

Quiltingranny said...

I just want to get healthier, continue charity quilts and learn how to use my new camera! I love yours and will be checking in on ya!

WoolenSails said...

I need to organize my time and projects I do, so I can concentrate on the ones that are important. I do want to do charity quilts, so I need to spend more time in my sewing room and learning how to machine quilt better.


suemac said...

I enjoyed Bonnie Hunter's blog on herding. I have so many leftover scraps from my quilting marathon over the holidays. I had my scraps organized before but now. A good job for today.

Diane Wild said...

I'm glad I discovered your blog. I joined the FMQ challenge because I need to keep sharp. Seems like I have to start over every time I begin on a new quilt. I also like your goals. I'm working on organization..doing a bit of "scrap therapy", by that I mean sorting. I would like just one quiet day to make my list. Wait, that's first on my list...to make a list. Happy New Year

frantastic said...

Thanks for sharing your goals. You have inspired me to get a list going, and place it in plain sight!

Rachel said...

Congrats on letting go of what needs to "give" and adding what you feel will work! I did pick a word this year. Reduce. It will apply everywhere.LOL.Do your self a favor (take it from one who didn't)I redid/organized my craft room at the end of 2010. My only regret is that I didn't take pictures of the "before". Have NO illusions, I would NOT have shared them. With ANYone, but after it was done I wished I could gloat over how much I had accomplished...LOL..of course, with that said, well, yeah, it is due for another overhaul...LOL..enjoy! Happy New Year!

Rachel said...

P.S. I LOVE that free motion flower picture!!

Vicki said...

Thanks for sharing your awsome set of goals for 2012. You are an amazing person and I'm glad that I have gotten to know you over the years, even though we only meet in cyber space. I wish you all the success in the world to achieve everything that you have set out to do.

Since I started blogging I have always posted my goals on the first day of the New Year. Then on the last day of that year I do a review to see what I have managed to get done, what got partially done, what didn't get done and what new things entered the picture. It is always interesting to see how things play out over the course of a busy year.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful goals set! I hope you get that new floor! I am all signed up and watched the Miss January video for the 2012 FMQ yesterday. I started a notebook as one of your suggestions also! (That was a great idea!) All for me for now! Wishing you happiness most of all, Kim C

Anonymous said...

Your goals for 2012 are good ones, and knowing where to draw the line to avoid overload is something that I applaud you on. My main 2012 goal for quilting is to continue to work on improving my FMQ skills, which are still currently minimal, until I reach a full mastery of them. It may very well take more than one year to accomplish this, but that's my main quilty focus.

I have set several goals, some of which are for the whole year, and some will take shorter periods so others will replace them when those are completed. I am beginning my 4th year on a "Fabric Diet", where I only buy/obtain new fabrics if I have been given a gift card, won them, or no longer have anything in my stash that will work because I've used them up. Before I do, I also try to use a different colorway where I'd have enough to finish the project. While I still have a lot of fabrics, I have cut my stash by about 1/3 since I began 3 years ago.

Renate said...

An admirable list of goals! I like your International quilt Day goal. Here is a little info toward that goal. The Canadian Quilters' Association has designated May as National Quilt Month. Perhaps you can contact them to see if it can be tied in.

As for my goals, I want so desperately to improve my FMQ. "Quilting by Cheque" is becoming less of an option for me. I am also considering adding the Sketchbook Challenge to my goals this year along with the Colour Challenge. Let's just say that my word this year is "challenge".

Thank you for providing the opportunity to meet one of my goals and may your reach your goals!

Lana said...

Can we talk about how exciting your little corner of the world is going to be this year? I am looking forward to it for sure! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Specific, measurable goals always work best - and you definitely are on the right track! Good luck in 2012!

Michele said...

That is a big list and I hope you are successful in achieving all of it. I have a long list too and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The biggest thing for me this year is to just DO MORE. I'm even just started a initiative on my blog to keep track of how well I do and to help spur others on.

Ray said...

For precision piecing, I cannot recommend Sally Collins enough. She's got a couple of books and a video that is very informative. Her The Art of Machine Piecing includes many blocks in several sizes that you can put together as a sampler.

Ray said...

Oh, I meant to add my support as you progress with your 2012 goals. I find that if I'm clear with goals, I get more done.

Jacquelin said...

Me gusta esta claridad de proyectos para este año y quiero compartir contigo el de mejorar mi acolchado hasta el punto de poder mostrar con el mismo orgullo la parte delantera y la trasera. Ese es el motivo por el que me he apuntado a este proyecto que nos has ofrecido y espero llegar a conseguir mi objetivo. Te deseo mucha fuerza para que puedas conseguir todos tus objetivos y desde aquí te mando mi apoyo.