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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Discount Fabric Warehouse

One of my favorite fabric stores in Hawaii is the Discount Fabric Warehouse.  They have a large selection of quilting, upholstery, dress and more fabrics.  I always visit their store in Kona, Hawaii, whenever I am on vacation in Hawaii.  You can find an excellent selection of tropical fabrics, a fantastic selection of Kona Cottons, and many newly released fabrics. All at excellent prices.  Plus, they have a very friendly and talented staff whom I'm sure you'll enjoy meeting.

I also love to see all the beautiful quilts and handmade items that they have on displayed.

{above}  Isn't this quilt design, called "Warm Aloha to Baby", by the Craft Sisters, absolutely beautiful?  I have previously purchased this pattern, at the Discount Fabric Warehouse.  And, I'm saving it for the next time I need to make a baby quilt!
{above} I also love this beautiful Hawaiian quilt.

{above} This beautiful quilt is named "Creation".  It represents fabric from the beginning to current time.  It is an amazing quilt, that has one awards.  It was made by Mary, the store manager for the Discount Fabric Warehouse in Kona.

This store (aka warehouse) is packed full of fabric!  Where mainland stores may have an area for tropical prints, this store has aisles full!
And shelves packed with fabric, yet beautifully displayed!

They also have wonderful classes.  If you don't live in the area and are planning a visit, I highly recommend you check with them to see what classes they will be teaching while you are there.  They are also doing some remodeling, to create a larger classroom!

While the Discount Fabric Warehouse has amazing prices, they also frequently have sales.  I had fun with their sale on any fabric with a flower!  Can you imaging hunting thru a fabric warehouse looking for fabrics with flowers?  It was easy to fall in love with oodles of fabrics, at great prices, and on sale.  They also offer a VIC card where you get your purchases stamped on the card and when your card is full, you get a special store credit. 
While I hope you are able to visit the Discount Fabric Warehouse soon, if you are not able to travel to Hawaii, you may want to do some online shopping.  Got Fabric is the online division of the Discount Fabric Warehouse.  http://www.gotfabric.com/

Discount Fabric Warehouse  (retail store locations)
74-5605 Luhia Street, Kailua Kona - (808) 326-7474
933 Kanoelehua Avenue, Hilo - (808) 935-1234


Barb said...

I know that I have not been there. We only spent an afternoon on the Kona side. Been to the Hilo side twice and spent most of my time there. Next time I will have to make sure to go there. Thanks so much for these insights.....

karenfae said...

this place sounds like Hancocks of Paducah in Kentucky.

wackywoman said...

Great blog! Next time I'm there......

Beena said...

Thanks for another great review of a fabric store in Hawaii. My mother went to Hawaii over a year ago, and told me she couldn't find any fabric stores there. I was shocked when she relayed this to me recently, and I told her about all the shops you've been mentioning on your blog as of late.

PurrPrints said...

love that creation quilt!