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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SewCalGal's Hawaii Theme Giveaway

I want to give a special thank you to sponsors of my Hawaii Theme Giveaway:

Thank you to American Quilter's Society for donating a copy of the book "Hawaiian Applique", by Vicki Fleming.

Thank you to Patrick Lose for donating 3 copies of his Tropical Table Runner pattern.

Thank you to Robin, of Crafty Sisters, for donating three copies of her Hula Bear pattern.

Thank you to Bill of Discount Fabric Warehouse (and GotFabric.com) for donating two bundles of fat quarters in Hawaiian prints.

And thank you to Nalani Goard, a Master Hawaiian Quilter and Teacher, who is donating a Hawaiian" 12x12 pot holder kit and a 6x6 pin cushion kit. 

{actual items the winner receives may be a different color}.

Yes, a very big Mahalo to the American Quilter's Society, Patrick Lose, Robin of Craft Sisters, Discount Fabric Warehouse & GotFabric.com, and Nalani Goard!  This Hawaii theme giveaway certainly is more special with their sponsorship and support!

For more information on SewCalGal's Hawaiian Theme Giveaway, and to enter, click here, and you'll also see insights on all of the prizes. 

1 comment:

Beena said...

A great giveaway! I love the Patrick Lose pattern!