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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hawaiian Applique'

There is a high probability that you realize the translation of "Aloha" means "hello" and also "goodbye".  Did you know it also means "good wishes to you" and "God be with you"?  These are just a few of many insights I learned from the book "Hawaiian Applique' ", by Vicky Fleming, besides all the great insights one should know about Hawaiian quilting.  This is an excellent book for anyone interested in making an Hawaiian quilt, or simply interested in Hawaiian quilting!

Vicky has been making Hawaiian-style quilts for over twenty years and has acquired vast insights, that she generously shares through her book "Hawaiian Applique' ", published by American Quilters Society.  In this book, you will find information on historical quilting patterns, applique' stitches, insights on Hawaiian words and phrases, along with much, much more!

General instructions are provided to help you choose a pattern, colors, fabric, etc. to make a beautiful Hawaiian quilted pillow or wallhanging.  Instructions and visuals are well written and contain great visuals, walking you thru the steps to fold the fabric, cut, basting, quilting (hand or machine), add binding, and even insights on adding a sleeve.  There are also great insights on traditional Hawaiian applique' techniques, with instructions that help with applique quilting of curves and points

This book is packed full of patterns to make Wall Quilts (16 + a bonus desigh) and/or pillows (10 designs).  There is also a chapter that provides insights on a variety of non-echo (hand) quilting, with wonderful machine quilting designs that will work well with Hawaiian style quilts.  From SewCalGal's perspective, designs range in complexity from beginner to advanced applique quilter.  But, I recommend that anyone wanting to make any Hawaiian Quilt, have some level of applique quilting experience before they begin to tackle a Hawaiian Quilt!

For advanced quilters, you can also use insights and designs, found in this book, to make your own Hawaiian quilt design by mixing and matching elements from designs provided in this book.

Overall, SewCalGal views that this book "Hawaiian Applique' " by Vicky Fleming is a wonderful book. It is definitely a "must have" for any quilter that is interested in Hawaiian quilting.

This book is available for purchase from American Quilter's Society: http://www.americanquilter.com/books_supplies/item_detail.php?id=6407


Beena said...

My big question about Hawaiian quilts, is if all the applique must be done by hand or can you use a machine????
This sounds like a really good read while one is lazing at the beach with their toes in the sand!

momto2wasd said...

All of your recent posts about Hawaii are making me even more excited that I will be in Maui in about two days!! Such gorgeous quilts, and it looks like a great book.

Barb said...

You know how much I love Hawaiian applique...thanks so much for sparking my interest and desire again.

Susan Entwistle said...

One day I'll try my hand at this. I'm sorry I didn't pick up any of the pattern books I found while in Honolulu last year. I'll be looking out for this one. Thanks for the review.

Pokey said...

Our teacher in class presented the history of Hawaiian quilting, I've always thought they were beautiful. Have you ever made one?

Brenda said...

Almost timely, but not quite, because as the White Rabbit said, "I'm late, I'm late . . ." Our guild has a show coming up soon (like in a week or so) and our mini-challenge is to make an 11" x 8 1/2" quilt that is "Inspired by Nature." After much thought and much procrastination, I am planning to do a mini Hawaiian quilt (appliqued by machine, if it's stitched down at all). Then maybe Marcia will let me sneak it in, since the deadline was the guild meeting last week, which I had to miss due to illness. After all, I paid my buck last September !

I love the stories behind them, although I confess I can't always make out what the botanical images are (or that they are botanical images ). I'm not about to attempt one of the flag quilts to do at that size and in a day. Am sure I'll dream of just the right image tonight (send wishes my way for that to happen!).

Karnak says, "A trip to Hawaii" in response to the question, "what will your giveaway be?" I'm sure you had to wait a couple of extra hours in the airport somewhere and have $1000 in ticket vouchers for the lucky winner. And the hotel housekeeping service forgot to give you yet another teeny bottle of bad lotion, so they are giving you a couple of nights on the house. Since I've already figured out such a great giveaway for you, you don't need to even have one -- just send everything to me whether I'm right or not.

Actually, I hope you had a wonderful trip, avoided getting sunburned, became an expert at hula dancing, dived off the cliff, and are planning to give us lots of details.