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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Can you guess the Designer ? Part 1 & Part 2

You may remember a previous post where I challenged everyone to test their skills at recognizing a designer.  Even if you are not very good at recognizing designers, I'm hoping this will be a fun way for us to improve our ability to recognize designers.  This is an area that I definitely want to improve in. 

So, can you guess who the designer is of this cute design?

To clarify, this is currently part one of a two part post. The title of this post and actual post will be updated when the first person to guess the designer of this quilting technique (photo taken from a workshop). You can submit an email to SewCalGal or add your comment at the bottom of this post.

First person to guess correctly will be recognized on http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/p/designer-challenge.html

I will also update this post to reflect who was the first to accurately guess the designer, and share a bit more insight on the designer, as well. If no one can accurately guess the designer in 24 hours, I will update this post to reflect same, along with sharing insights on the designer. So, I hope you'll check back.

note: If there is a discrepancy on designers, that may have similar styles, SewCalGal will be the ultimate judge to determine the winner. And, in most cases, the photo of the quilt shown in this post will also be posted on the designers site.


Who Guessed it:    Robin Caruso was the first to guess. Robin is a quilt teacher and a closet designer.  I hope you'll visit her delightful blog (http://www.sevenpinesquilting.blogspot.com/)  and congratulate her.    

Who is this designer:  Anne Sutton of "Bunny Hill Designs".

She is a designs delightful patterns, with a bit of whimsy, and she designs fabric.  Her new fabric line will soon be released. 

She also has an article, with a cute bunny quilt design, in the April 2010 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.  I hope you'll check out this issue soon!

Ann Sutton is a very talented designer.   She has also been nominated for the Best Designer Award, as part of the Golden Quilter Awards.  If you haven't yet voted for your favorite nominees for the Golden Quilter Awards, you have until Sunday, March 21st to submit your votes.  Winners of the Golden Quilter Awards will be announced on Monday, March 22nd.

Again, one of my personal objectives of blogging was to be able to broaden my insights. I am pleased that this has given me the opportunity to learn more about Ann Sutton. While you may already be familiar with her, I am hoping to be able to introduce her to others. 



creativedawn said...

Lila Tuella?

Patty said...

Atkinson designs

Gari said...

This was probably the only one I would have been able to guess correctly. I did her BOM last year and am getting ready to start this year's BOM.