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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Earthleen Briggs, of Ethnic Quilts & Fabrics

Ever want to make a really unique quilt or fibre art? Something that will pop?  An Heirloom quilt?   Well, then I recommend you visit Ethnic Quilts & Fabrics in Lemon Grove, CA.  Earthleen Briggs, the owner of this delightful store, has this store stocked with unusual and beautiful fabrics, along with many unique quilts and other unique items.  Plus, she has many beautiful and inspiring quilts and items on display!

Earthleen travels to Africa, every other year, where she  buys fabric, and other treasures, that she sells in her store.  Approximately 60% of her fabrics are imported from Nigeria, Benin, Sengal and West Africa. All fabrics in her store are high quality fabrics with beautiful colors and prints, that help make spectacular quilts and fibre arts.

Ethnic Quilts & Fabrics also makes custom quilts in the proud tradition of fine African-American quilters from ages past. Each quilt is machine quilted from authentic African fabrics, and is carefully assembled according to the wishes of the buyer.

Earthleen Briggs has been quilting since she was a child.  She is now a business woman who has the amazing talent to create beautiful quilt designs that can capture the eye and interest the mind.  And, Earthleen is an excellent teacher and inspirational speaker.  To clarify, Earthleen travels the world and is willing to give presentations to guilds and sewing groups, as well as teach classes.  And, I have been fortunate to have attendeed her presentations and have been inspired by her use of color, design, and have enjoyed hearing insights on her travels, and perspectives of quilting history.  She also has a infectious laugh!

While Ethnic Quilts  & Fabrics has a variety of beautiful fabrics, and provides a variety of quilt classes, in this store,  Earthleen also offers many items for sale online.  And, she is a great source for custom orders for fabric and other items from Africa!

Earthleen is a heartwarming person, who has touched the lives of many people.  Sadly, I feel I must share that Earthleen has recently had a terrible tradgedy.  Her home caught on fire, and was totally destroyed.   Along with the loss of her home, all her treasures of a lifetime, including her heirloom quilts, and collections from her travels to Africa and other places in the world, were lost forever.

Personally, I can't imagine how I could find the strength to carry on after such a loss.  But Earthleen is continuing to inspire current and future quilters, by carrying on.  While she may have less quilts to share in her lectures, Earthleen  is still looking forward to all life can offer and excited to teach and give lectures.

If you are in Southern California, I hope you'll visit Earthleen at Ethnic Quilts & Fabrics.  And, if your guild is looking for an inspiring and entertaining speaker and/or teacher, I hope you'll consider Earthleen.  She is an amazing woman!


Earthleen's insights on the History of quilting:  http://www.ethnicquilts-fabrics.com/history.htm



Barb said...

amazing quilts!!!

Micki said...

The quilts are really amazing, but more importantly, she is quite a woman to have gone through what she did and still see all the beauty of the world.
Her fabrics are incredible!

wackywoman said...

Hi, Robin and I stopped by Earthleen"s shop last Friday. Fabulous!