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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Insights on the San Diego Quilt Show

The 2009 San Diego Quilt Show (SDQS) is now over, but is that time when attendees are enjoying their memories and many are enjoying items that they purchased from the exceptional vendors at the show.  If you attended this year's show, my insights may not be new to you, but I wanted to share my insights.  And, I want to encourage everyone to enter a quilt in the 2010 SDQS and come enjoy this great show.

{above} Shirley Greenhoe was the guest artist at the San Diego Quilt Show 2009.  She is a very talented lady who has been quilting since the early 1970's.  In 1986 she bought a used short arm quilting machine and became the first machine quilter for hire in the San Diego area.    She now lives in Missoula, Montana where she continues with her love of quilting, as well as long arm quilting. Shirley also teaches machine quilting.

There was also a special exhibit "Passion For Purple", showing a collection of Antique to Contemporary Quilts from the private collection of Kimberley E. Graf.

One Special Exhibit showed quiltes from the American Quilt Study Group 2008 Challenge  Inspired by Red and Gree.  The 2008 challenge theme was Mid-19th Century Red and Green Quilts. 

In Memoriam, was a special exhibit to honor special people whom we've lost:  Florence Semonchuk (1925-2009), Andrea Fernandez (1943-2009), Dona Rasmussen (1934-2009), Joanne Main (1931-2009), Jeannine Nye (1930-2009), Rose Neff, Norma Burris, and Harriet McLaughlin.

There were several other special exhibits, and over 400 quilts were on display.

{above} Made by Cynthia Feagle

{above}  Made by Patti Brown

{above} Made by Karen Zappone & quilted by Michaelee Sloan

{above} Made by Pam Carnot

{above} Made by Emmy Yeager

{above}  Lois Mulcahey

{above} Karen Cunagin

{above} Quilt by Jan Hayman

During my discussion with Kimberley E. Graf, the Show Coordinator for this delightful show, she pointed out how so many volunteers work throughout the year on planning and organizing this event, as well as how many volunteers help orchestrate the actual show from receipt of quilts from quilters,  setup & takedown, as well as returning quilts to quilters.  There are ~50-70 volunteers that without their help, as well as the quilters who generously share their quilts for sharing, the SDQS would not happen. 

Kimberley also wanted to share how much she appreciates and thanks all these volunteers, but sends a special thanks to the small group that volunteer on the San Diego Quilt Show, Inc. Board and various committees:  Sue Atlas, Jemila Bennett, Karen Brixner, Earthleen Briggs, Debby Burns, Faye Duggan, Audrey Estes, Sylvia Fronts, Andrea Fernandez, Barbara Jones, Cynthia Feagle, Patti Gompf, Janet Harris, Nancy Higgins, Eunice Jons, Mary Lyons, Dorothy McRann, Sandi Miller, Brenda Moore, Shirle Nester, Lola O'Leary, Judi Sample, Ann Scott, Tyler Scott, Terry Seaburg, Robin Seeton, Annemarie Sprinkle, Despo Stevens, Mary Tabar, Arlene Watters,  and Meg Wyeth.