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Monday, September 21, 2009

Searching for my Muse - Insights on what I've found

I'm certainly hoping for feedback, so please feel free to post comments on this post.  If you've been following my blog, you know I don't typically write personal articles, as I much prefer writing evaluation articles on books, patterns, designers, classes, and related events.  But, as I have felt that I've lost my Muse, I've been researching to try to find a new muse.

I've been searching for a muse at quilt shows, classrooms, stores, magazines, blogs,  and various other events and opportunities to learn.  At each, I've met people and seen items that have inspired me.  And, in many cases I've learned new techniques.  But I've struggled with the idea that I've lost my personal muse and I couldn't seem to find the inspiration and enthusiasm that I previously had.
But, while searching for a muse, I have found some interesting insights that I want to share.

First, I want to share that Ikea has a delightful bag that I think offers many opportunities for creative souls.  I can visualize applique artwork, seasonal themes, machine embroidery designs, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  And, this great tote bag is a great shopping bag and quilting, sewing, embroidery project tote bag.  I'd really like to challenge you to see what you can create with this bag.

 For now, I'll share insights on my first use of this bag.   It is only $.59 at Ikea.  It is one of the best shopping bags that I've ever found, as it is made of very durable materials, and is a nice size and made of lightweight material (100 % polypropylene). You can buy in your local Ikea store of via their online store. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/17228340

I fell in love with this delightful tote and wondered how it would work for machine embroidery. I used this bag for a "test" of a machine embroidery design by Vermillion Stitchery.

The Vermillion Stitchery designs are absolutely wonderful.  High quality and excellent detailed. Most people really do think the results were hand made cross stitched, and everyone is amazed to learn that these are machine embroidery designs.

As my first test of the Vermillion Stitchery designs on this bag, I truly anticipated that I'd be tossing this bag.  But it really came out looking great. 

Now I plan to stitch this design on a fleece jacket, which I'm sure the quality and ease of use will continue to be the same.

Back to my search for my muse, I've come to realize that it isn't a matter of having a single muse. I've blessed with the fact that I have connected with so many talented people and opportunities, that my inspiration comes from many sources.  I now believe I have many muses, not just one.  I find that I have have inspiration from my local quilt guilds, quilt shows, stores, online stores, blogging friends, and my talented friends that I enjoy spending time with and our sew-cials.  Yes, I'm very blessed.  I have many muses in my life to influence me and to inspire me. 

While I don't feel I am all that talented, I now view that I am so blessed for all of those dear friends that inspire me, I want t now seek to find opportunities for how each of us can reach out and encourage others.   Thus, I ask....whom do you take time to inspire and encourage?  Whom do you take time to play a supportive role as their muse?   

If you believe that this is a give & take world, at a minimum you should be able to "introduce" others to opportunities to learn and grow. 

Become a Muse and inspire!


Beena said...

I am glad that you have found that a person can have many muses, and that inspiration can come from many sources. I love your embroidery on the bag...and it really does look like cross stitch! Thanks for the link for the bag...so inexpensive! I may have to pick one up for myself, and one for mom, too!
I don't agree with you, and I am sure you are very talented. Many people have talents they don't recognize, or aren't aware of themselves. And still many other people who are creative go through times where they feel untalented. I'm not sure how important these feelings are in the grand scheme of things...I think it's more important to just be inspired by the many wonders in life and keep creating in spite of those feelings. The rest will work itself out if a person keeps seeking out inspiration (muses), and keeps creating!

Anonymous said...

I agree that a person can have many muses. My current sources of inspiration are the quilters at FilmintheFridge.com, ohfransson.com, and all the quiltmakers I find on Flickr. I am also exteremly inspired by fabrics of all sorts.

As for inspiring someone else, or encouraging them, I try to encourage my boyfriend's creative pursuits in every way possible, the same way he encourages me. He's a photographer (www.tripppage.com) and an amazing one, at that! He has no idea how talented he is. Sometimes I have no idea what he's talking about when he's discussing the technical aspects of photography, just as he has no idea what I'm talking about when I talk about fabric designers or fat quarters or what have you.

I find inspiration everywhere. I don't know if I have a single muse, but I don't think it's a must -- you just have to try to think creatively. I find that once I am really absorbed in a project or craft, I can connect it back to anything :)

shelly said...

I do believe that this is a give and take world. I also believe that the more you give, the more comes back to you, especially in the most unexpected ways. As far as creativity and inspiring others, it's one reason I love teaching. I have introduced many new quilters to quilting, and added to the skill sets of others who were already started. I try to play a very active role in my local guild, participating in all their activities and presenting programs. I'm inspired by almost everything around me all the time. I pay attention and try to see the best possible side of everything.
I'm sure you are very talented, so don't sell yourself short. Follow all the muses -- you never know where they might lead you!