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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recommendation for a Delightful Read

I enjoy reading books of various styles & authors.  I like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, History,  and sometimes biographies.  I also enjoy books that contain a collection of short stories, especially when they provide insights on people that share similar interests that I do. 

When I first looked at the book "Centennial Stitches, Oklahoma History in Quilts", by Judy Howard, I thought I'd connect with this book on the fact that I like reading about historical events and I do have some ancestors that are from Oklahoma.  But soon started reading this book, I realized I had more of a connection to the stories in this book, and I also feel you will find many connections too.  To clarify, you need not live in Oklahoma, have ancestors from Oklahoma, or love history, to enjoy this book.  This book has such a variety of delightful stories, I'm confident you'll enjoy reading this book.

There are many heartwarming stories in this book.  Here are a few insights to some of these delightful stories:

The Hugs Project, as shared by Karen Stark, provides insights about a project that works to provide a "hug" around the neck of every American serving in harm's way.  Volunteers help to make "neck coolers" for our troops in the Middle East and "helmet coolers".  These handmade items have the ability to cool our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines by five or more degrees, effectively saving them from heat strokes.  This delightful story shares insight about this project, with insights on the sewing volunteers, as well as the recipients, including those photographed holding the sign "Will work for hugs".  What a wonderful charity project! 

Threads of te Past is a delightful story by M. Carolyn Steele.  It provides insights that many feel (I don't want my grandchildren to forget me".  And it captures heartwarming insights on how one quilter has captured loving insights, from multiple generations, while creating a quilt for a new grandbaby.

This delightful book is packed full of wonderful stories that are heartwarming.  This full color book, is hard bound.  It makes a special coffee table gift book, and I'm sure you will enjoy reading it and viewing the beautiful photos.

While this book can be found via Amazon, and various stores, you can also purchase it directly from the publisher:

Dorcas Publishing
12101 N. MacArthur, Suite 137
Oklahoma City, OK  73162-1800

Dorcas Publishing also provides an excellent opportunity to purchase these books to help your nonprofit Quilt Guild, Church or group use as a fundraiser with 50% of the cost being donated back to your non-profit group.



Beena said...

I have a feeling I'm going to be asking Santa to just bring me books this Christmas!

Terry said...

Sounds like a great book! I'll have to check it out! :0)

Abby said...

I've enjoyed checking out your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!