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Monday, June 9, 2014

Precision Piecing: Curved Seams With Out Pins

SewCalGal wants every quilter to be comfortable stitching curved seams and achieves perfect piecing.  But, I realize for many of us that this doesn't happen if we don't practice. 

Ebony Love of LoveBug Studios demonstrates how to sew a drunkard's path block without using pins, making this an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning/improving their piecing skills when working with curves.

Want to practice sewing curves with pre-cuts?  

Inchworm Fabrics accepts special orders where you could order curved pieces for the curved Drunkards Path with scrap fabrics to practice, or fabrics from Inchworm that you may want to use to make a baby quilt, table topper or a quilt.  Cutting services and fabrics are offered at an economical price, making this an excellent opportunity for those that want to work on their precision piecing skills with curved seams.

 You can find Ebony Love at:


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Mara said...

I am not a fan of pinning, lol ;) SO this was so fun to watch.

Quiltingranny said...

I really appreciate the tutorial, thanks so much!

Jacque said...

Fabulous tutorial from Ebony Love, very clear and lots of great tips! Thanks for sharing!