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Friday, February 21, 2014

Sew Biz: Marketing 101: Niche Marketing ....and a Giveaway

SewCalGal periodically writes articles which are categorized as "Sew Biz", as they are focus on topics appropriate for those in the business. 

I frequently hear from those in the business looking for ways to Market themselves or a product, with the goal of increasing awareness and ultimately sales.  As Designers and Teachers, creative people commonly need help in learning how to market.  And SewCalGal is always looking for ways to help!

When I learned that Linda Moran and Marble-T Design had put their Marketing insights into a book, to help those in the business learn about "Niche Marketing",  I was excited to have a chance to review a copy.  And, of course, I reserved the right to voice my own opinion of this book.  But I truly am delighted with this new ebook. For $5.99, it is a great value for those in a niche business that would like to learn more about marketing themselves, as well as their products.

Marketing 101: Niche Marketing, by Linda Moran and Marble-T Design, LLC is an e:book available on iTunes that can be downloaded to your MAC or iPad, or by using ITunes on your computer.

SewCalGal views this book is an excellent resource for those working in a Niche Market and looking for tips to Market themselves or their products.  It is also a great resource for those familiar with basic marketing, but just wants a refresher and insights on "Niche" marketing.   With 61 pages, organized in 12 chapters, this is an easy read that is well worth your time.  SewCalGal is confident this book can help those in the business learn and improve their marketing skills, to gain better visibility and ultimately increase their sales!

Here is an outline of the chapters in this book:

Chapter 1 - Ever Have Someone Say, "What Do I Do With This?"
Chapter 2 - Wacky Marketing Ideas ?  No Such Thing as Too Wacky.
Chapter 3 - Getting Noticed On Line
Chapter 4 - Have You Done Your Newsletter?
Chapter 5 - Your Newsletter Revisited
Chapter 6 - Packaging and Displays - Field Trip Time!
Chapter 7 - Photography
Chapter 8 - What About the Holidays ?
Chapter 9 - More On the Holidays
Chapter 10 - Surviving the Black Friday Madness
Chapter 11 - The Importance of Community
Chapter 12 - Inspiration, Resources and Links

To check out this book at iTunes click here.

You Can Find Linda and Marble-T Designs at:
Website: MarbleTDesign.com
Blog: marbledmusings.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarbleTDesign/

Did I mention A Giveaway?

Linda has generously offered a "PDF" copy of of Marketing 101: Niche Marketing.  And this giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world.

To enter, leave a comment on this post sharing how you organize yourself for Marketing (or if you don't, it is ok to share that).   

 SewCalGal will randomly select one lucky winner on Friday, February 28th.  An email will be sent to the winner and this post will also be updated to show the winner.

Congratulations to the lucky winner:  tesuque said... 7

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Mara said...

I am just stating a business and would love some marketing help.

Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

I market myself mostly online but find that I get a fair bit of business from word of mouth. It would be nice to have another perspective on marketing. Always happy to get input from all sources. Thanks for the giveaway!


Gene Black said...

I am not nearly organized enough for marketing. I just try to keep my finished work in one location so if it sells I can easily send it to the buyer.

suemac said...

I would like to open an Etsy shop and I have no clue on how to market myself. This would be a great start for me.

KaHolly said...

To date, my marketing is word of mouth and the occasional small town quilt show. This would be a great book to own.

Judy said...

I don't have a good marketing plan, so I hope I win.

tesuque said...

Have been thinking about getting into a little business.

What Comes Next? said...

I've been thinking of trying to sell some quilts, but the marketing aspect has always stopped me short - this could be just the push - and info - I need!

beaquilter said...

as you know I'm not that good at marketing but my computer IS organized, folders within folders that make sense to me :)

Patti said...

I'm a big fan & a customer of Linda's marbled fabric. I would love to get some of her marketing insights

Connie said...

I haven't done very well at marketing myself, I do have a Craftsy store but plan on doing a Etsy one also. I think this would be a great read!

Linda in Calif. said...

My daughter and I are about to open a business and we were just discussing ways to market our products today at lunch. This would be a very helpful book. Thanks for the give-away!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Marketing is something I always thought of negatively but I've come to learn there can be a wonderful side of just saying Hello to others and sharing what I have a passion for. Organize? Really...I could use an organizer to run every area of my life...giggles.

Deb said...

Marketing and self-promotion is always hard for me - I'd love some fresh inspiration!

Polly said...

Thanks so much for the givaway which would be a wonderful help as I hope to open an Etsy store soon!! I can use all the help I can get!!

Jeannette said...

I am ttying to market my longarm business but certainly could do with more guidance. Thanks for the chance

Quiltingranny said...

Having just received our provisional charity recognition from WA state and having our name and logo trademarked, I would love a copy of this book to learn more how to get our word out! Thanks for sharing, if I don't win, I will definitely purchase a copy of the book!

Barb said...

You are wonderful in supporting those who need to market their ideas ....you are extremely giving of your time and talent.

This sounds awesome...as for me, I am a fly by nighter....because I am the one that says "Now what"

Cindy said...

We are starting a business with our son, and while he doesn't think we need marketing(snort)I know we do. We really need this book. Thanks for the giveaway!

DeAnna S said...

I'm thinking about an Etsy shop and currently working on a web site. This book would be awesome to own.

Marsha Jean said...

Totally clueless about marketing myself!

CrochetnQuilt said...

This looks like just the tool to help me market myself!

Thanks to you and Linda for sharing.

linda j said...

What a great resource. I just started marketing myself and could definitely use some advice!