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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Glimpses of Quilt Market #4 - Libby Lehman

Today I want to share insights with you on Libby Lehman, as well as announce the winner of the 2013 FMQ Challenge #1 - A Day of Threadplay with Libby Lehman on The Quilt Show.

While at Quilt Market I had an opportunity to tour a special quilt exhibit that shared many of Libby Lehman's amazing quilts.  And, I also feel fortunate to have a had a chance to have met Libby's sister Ellen and hear her insights on Libby's recovery.  But first I want to share with you photos of a some of this quilts in this amazing exhibit:
P1050641 masked
P1050643 maskedP1050645 masked

Everyone of the quilts in this exhibit was inspirational.
P1050649 maskedP1050647 masked

The Threadplay and use of color was amazing.
P1050651 maskedP1050652 maskedP1050661 masked
The feeling of movement was commonly spotted in these quilts.
P1050663 maskedP1050664 masked

While my photography is not great, I was drawn to these quilts and inspired.   And, I hope they inspire you too!
P1050665 masked

Bill Arnold also took excellent photographs of this exhibit and you may want to visit his portfolio.

I did learn from Ellen that Libby is continuing to make great progress.  She is aware of many quilting events, and was honored to have her quilts on exhibit at IQF Quilt Market (and this exhibit was also shared at IQF Festival/Houston this past weekend).

Libby appreciates cards and has been delighted by hearing from students and those inspired by her work.

Libby is receiving physical therapy and great care, but SewCalGal wants to increase awareness that this care has exceeded insurance coverage.

The family maintains a caring bridge where they share updates on Libby and those interested can comment.  They read these comments to Libby and Ellen shared that Libby and the entire family appreciate the support by quilter's throughout the world.  Of course, I know we all want Libby to get well.

In SewCalGal's 2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge, challenge #1 was to  Watch Episode #112 - Threadplay and Sheer Ribbon Illusions (Libby Lehman) on The Quilt Show 

thread play with libby lehman 2

and/or purchase Libby's DVD "A Day of Threadplay with Libby Lehman"and enter a project in this challenge using Libby's teachniques for beautiful FMQ with threadplay for creating spectacular ribbons on your quilted projects.


The winner for this challenge is #5 Tina.  Congratulations to Tina.

2013 FMQ Challenge - 1

note:  For those wondering what the prizes are for this challenge winner, the sponsors of the 2013 FMQ Challenge donated many wonderful prizes. But, SewCalGal needs to randomly select winners for all six of the 2013 FMQ chalenges before randomly assigning prizes.  You'll be able to find updates on the main page of this event, and all winners will be notified vie email and recognized in a post on this blog, by the end of November.

If you are not yet a member of The Quilt Show (TQS), SewCalGal highly recommends joining.  While they do have free memberships that are quite fun, there is quite a value of having a paid membership as you get access to more shows, classes, challenges and more.


And, all memberships (free and paid) can now watch Episode 513 - TQS Quilting Legend 2009 (Libby Lehman).  If you haven't yet watched this episode, I hope you'll take time to watch it soon.  Just remember you do need an account (free or paid membership) at TQS to be able to watch it.

Lastly, TQS has a great blog too.  Here is a link to a post where they shared insights on this special quilt exhibit that was displayed during Market and Festival, along with their video interview with Libby's sister Ellen.

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Raewyn said...

How wonderful that Quilt Market had a special exhibit of Libby's work. Her work is beautiful with her use of colour. SO good to hear that she is continuing to improve. Congratultions to Tina!! And thank you to you, Sewcalgal!!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Those are absolutely beautiful quilts and the thread work is mind blowing. Thanks you so much for sharing those photos and giving us an update on Libby's progress.


Pauline G said...

What lovely quilts- a testament to her skill and artistry
I love the quilt show as we have so few sewing/ quilting shows like this in the UK

Sara said...

Wow! I'm speechless - gorgeous thread art.

Anonymous said...

I watched The Quilt Show the other night and saw all Libby's amazing quilts on there, what a varied lot they were too. I have to admit to having as a favourite the Thread-play ones, she is certainly a Master of those.
Thank you for sharing on here the Caring Bridge site again for funding for Libby's treatment, I hope everyone goes and reads what is happening there. We all wish Libby to get well again and need to help if we can with this.
Well done to Tina for winning this round, brilliant job Tina, proud of you, you do so much to help me I am thrilled you have been the first winner here.
Many thanks to you SewCalGal too for all the hard work you have put it for us these past two years.
I wonder if you have a secret idea for a third year for us all!!!!????

Tina said...

Thank You! The Challenges Have Been Lots Of Fun To Continue Learning FMQ. It Really Is A Daily Endeavor Libby's Quilts Are BeautiFul. <3

Needled Mom said...

Oh my goodness. The Thread Art is amazing!

Patty D from NC said...

The colors in those quilt photos are just amazing!