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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SewCalGal is De-Stashing - Are You?

While all the items I currently have posted for sale have sold, I am hoping to update this post on Friday with more things.  Thus, you may want to check back later in the week.

I'm running late posting insights on items that I'd like to De-Stash.  While I don't have my complete list ready, I wanted to post this now....and I'll try to update it to let you know as I add things.

Fingertip Shopping is hosting the Fall De-Stash.  Several quilt participants have "linked" to share insights on items that they would like to sell and de-stash. And, we have a few quilters in the business who are selling things that are advertising their great deals, while also making a donation to the Quilter's Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser. To clarify, it is free for quilters to advertise and sell items from their stash in the Fall De-Stash, but for those in the business that want to promote the sale of their products (e.g. items on their ETSY store, online store, etc) they are asked to donate $5 to one of the four non-profits to be showcased in the Quilter's Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser.

So what does SewCalGal want to de-stash?

I have a couple of "duplicate" AccuQuilt dies that I purchased on sale.  To clarify, these are new in package dies that bought in an excited shopping spree.  And, I'm willing to pass on the amazing discount deal that I found.  If you live in So. Cal. and can pick up, you get even a better deal. Otherwise a buyer is expected to pay for shipment. Typically a die is about $8 to ship US in good packaging or you can authorize shipment in a flat rate envelop (no padding).  But the ultimate buyer of these dies will need to pay shipping.

For Sale Fall 2013 b_2-002

Asking:  $22.75 (35% discount), plus buyer pays shipping

For Sale Fall 2013 b_2-001
Asking:  $19.50 (35% discount), plus buyer pays shipping

For Sale Fall 2013 b_2-003
Asking:  $100, plus buyer pays shipping

I also have some fabric cuts and some cool cutting tools (e.g SLICE Fabrique, Cricut) that I hope to add to this de-stash list this week.  So, I hope you'll check back.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items SewCalGal is selling, in the Fall De-Stash, email me.  I could be wrong, but I anticipate these items will GO! quickly.  Again, the AccuQuilt dies are duplicates which I purchased on sale at a great price and am simply sharing these deals with use on these unused dies.

And, of course, I hope you'll pop over and check out all the participating sites in the Fall De-Stash linky party. There are some great deals and amazing quilting products up for sale.  And, many are offered for sale to raise funds for one of the four charities to be showcased in the Quilters Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser that kicks off November lst.

Oh, don't forget there is still plenty of time for you to sell items from your stash in this Fall De-Stash event too!  Great opportunity to turn your stash into cash!

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