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Monday, October 14, 2013

In The Style Of Who Keeps Us In Stitches - Help Send Stitches Of Friendship And Healing


Have you ever wondered how Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) is used?  Maybe doctors uses it to transfer a design to a foot, before they do what they do?  While I had heard about this product and seen many inspirational projects made using this media, it was a post by Kelly Jackson/IHAN that really helped me understand how this product helps quilters/fibre artists create beautiful projects.


What surgeon or quilter need good lighting when working on detailed stitching?  While there are a variety of lighting products on the market, I first learned about the benefits of the Beam N Read Personal Lighting System from Kelly Jackson/IHAN.  While I couldn't find Kelly's post where she captured a surgeon wearing a Beam N Read, I think followers of Kelly/IHAN are well aware of the benefits of these personal lights.

polar fleece socks

Maybe you remember Kelly's post where she shared insights on make really cool polar fleece socks?  Perfect gift idea for someone who has recently gone thru foot surgery, as well as the obvious (those that want comfy and warm foot clothing).  Certainly looks like a fun project to make for gifts, as well as make for yourself.

I could go on an on about all the great products that Kelly/IHAN has recommended.  Needless to say, SewCalGal is a big fan of Kelly/IHAN.  Kelly gets to know her customers and only recommends products that she feels to be of good quality, functionality and value. And, if you find that your purchase isn't up to your expectations she is great about returning it.  I've been a happy shopper at IHAN for years and respect Kelly's recommendations.

For those that are Fans of the Kelly Jackson/IHAN Club, you probably know that Kelly took a fall this week and broke her foot/ankle in three places. She had surgery today.  If you want to send a card and do not have her snail mail address, please email me.

While the next couple of weeks may be slow for Kelly to respond to orders placed at IHAN, I hope you understand what is going on. And, I'm sure Kelly still appreciates your support with your orders, as well as patience on deliveries.  This is till a great time to place your orders to ensure delivery in time for Christmas too!  After all, Christmas is about 8 weeks away (OMG).  Fortunately, IHAN is a great place for shopping for Christmas gifts.  Definitely where I'll be shopping this year. I really appreciated Kelly's personalized wrapping and greeting card service last year.  Very helpful.  And she has many products that also are perfect for non-quilters too.

IHAN logo 300x125

If you agree, Kelly keeps us in stitches  - stitches of friendship, I do hope you'll consider sending her a card. I'm sure she'd appreciate hearing from you. And, of course, SewCalGal also recommends that you check out IHAN for shopping.  Great resource for advice, excellent prices and superior customer service.


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WoolenSails said...

I didn't know that, will have to remember to send her a card, she always does so much for others. I did a belly flop in the dirt while hiking, so a bit sore, but nothing broken, that I know of, lol.


JJ said...

To bad about Kelly. I am sure she is very sad to have to miss the Houston Quilt market. I hope she heals quickly.

Allie said...

Oh no - I'm so sorry to hear this! I've hardly been blogging or reading blogs lately, too busy at work, thanks for posting this!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

You have a very good memory! I did offer the surgeon my Beam N Read while having my had put back. Last injury was from helping a quilting friend and this time it was meeting with my machine embroidery guild....these stitchers are dangerous people...LOL

Thanks for all the support...it is absolutely helping in my quicker-er recovery.