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Monday, October 21, 2013

Colors of Autumn: Flights of Fancy, by Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero


This spectacular quilt was probably not designed with the thought of Fall in mind, but it is a quilt that inspires me to think about Fall, beautiful sunsets, end of summer, romance and more. Ok, I think it would work anytime of the year and it is so beautiful, I wanted to share it with you today.

What do you think of when you look at this quilt?

The name of this quilt is "Flights of Fancy".  It was designed and created by the very talented Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero   And, it won a lst place award, in the Miniature Category, at the Road to California Conference and Quilt Show in 2013.  It also won a 3rd place ribbon in Paducah.

When you look at the detail in the image it is difficult to imagine this quilt as a miniature, yet it measures 12.5"x12.5".  Impressive! Easy to understand why this is an award winning quilt. And, when you take time to realize how easy the tools that Jeanie used to create this brilliant design, you will also be as excited as I am.  There are more award winning quilts to be made using these tools and techniques that Jeanie has created.   And, you could be a creator of such an award winning quilt using these tools too!

Jeanie used Kaleidoscope Kreator Software to create the print in the focal block, which certainly draws our attention.  Yet, when you look at the stitching your eye is drawn in to the beauty and wants more.  Amazing this piece was a way for Jeannie to learn to digitize machine embroidery designs.  Another example of how talented she is.  And, to my delight we can create using her Kaleidoscope Kreator Software and 

Here is a youtube video that Jeanie shared about using the Kaleidoscope Kreator Software, which allows you to take images and create unique designs kaleidoscope designs that you can print on fabric to create your own projects. And, now you can use her Filigrees Embroidery Collection to embellish these printables!   

The ability to combine machine embroidery with your own printable fabric is so brilliant the possibilities are endless.  Think how easy it would be to use any of your photos and threads, to create a unique machine embroidery Kaleidoscope quilt of your own!


Amazing stitching details.

FLIGHTS OF Fancy border closeup

And the scale is impressive.  Perfect for miniatures, yet adaptable to a variety of sizes.

flights of fancy scale

SewCalGal has yet to stitch out these machine embroidery designs, but is certainly looking forward to doing so.  Anyone with an embroidery machine could stitch out these designs, but you may want to take a class with Jeanie.  She is currently scheduled to teach at the 2014 Road to California Quilt Conference (#7008: Kaleidoscope Embroidery: From Photos to Fabulous). While this class quickly sold out, you can ask to be added to the wait list.  You can also talk to your local quilt shop or sewing center to have them  contact Jeanie to schedule a class in your area soon.

For those that want to have fun stitching out this machine embroidery collection on your own, you should be able to find the Filigrees Machine Embroidery Design Collection at your local quilt shop or sewing center, as well as your favorite online sewing retailer.  If not, let them know you'd like them to offer this design collection and they will be able to order wholesale copies from Kaleidoscope Collections.  Or, you can order your own copy directly from Kaleidoscope Collections.

filigrees design collection

For those attending Quilt Market or IQF Houston, be sure to visit the Kaleidoscope Collections booth. You can meet Jeanie and see all of her beautiful designs.  

For more info on Kaleidoscope Kreator, including the new Filigrees Machine Embroidery Collection:


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