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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Favorite Tutorials: Cleaning Your Sewing Machine

Cleaning your sewing machine on a regular basis is key to happy quilting, sewing & embroidery  As such, I'm delighted to share with you insights on one of my Favorite Tutorials, as this one does an excellent job sharing insights on Cleaning Your Sewing Machine, aka Sewing Machine Pampering.  Pampering helps to minimize "Spa Time" when your machine goes in for serious visits with Dr. Sewing Machine Repair!

  Oil and Brush - Perfect Partners in Crime
Robyn (Dog Named Banjo) has shared an excellent tutorial for cleaning your sewing machine.  And, I was delighted that she approved me sharing this with SewCalGal followers today

Her tutorial has great tips and visuals.   I hope you'll click on over to check this tutorial out, as well as take time to check out Robin's delightful blog too!

And, of course, I hope if you haven't cleaned your sewing machine in awhile,I hope this will inspire to you clean your machine.  SewCalGal is a strong believer that your machine(s) need  "pampering time", just like you do, on a regular basis!


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indrajithi said...
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Neomed said...
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CBH said...
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kay said...

Thank you for posting the link to this tutorial! At last, I know where to put the oil in my machine! And I've whiled away a few hours reading her other tutorials about the 440QE. Thanks again!

Barb said...

I went over there....excellent tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this tutorial link for cleaning and oiling our machines. I clean mine every time that I change a bobbin, whether it's because I've used it up or because I need a different color. I live in a very dusty area and have a cat that sheds, plus you'd be surprised how much lint from fabrics, threads, and batting that you can get in a short time. She didn't mention it, but I also clean the foot and in the shaft, needle threader and lightbulb area, because they need it too.

I use a Pfaff, so I'm going to have to look to see if there is a release lever to pop that section of bobbin out to clean it even more thoroughly. I get my brush into every little nook and cranny that it will fit inside the machine around that bobbin area. As for oiling, I tend to do it during the time that I'm cleaning it if I can't remember the last time that it was done...or if it has started making noise.

mahoo said...

I'm starting a new project this weekend, so tomorrow's my day to clean my machine. My husband was astounded at the amount of lint it collects inside. I just explained to him it needs to be cleaned regularly, just like his (16) guitar(s) need new strings regularly. Now he asks if I've done it. Thanks for the link.