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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finding Inspiration on the Internet - A Quilt of Heather

There is a very good chance you are a quilter that has found inspiration via the internet.  Inspiration, tips, tutorials and fun for quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts are such fun.  Today, I want to introduce you to a fellow blogger that you may not yet have visited.  Heather (A Quilt of Heather) has a delightful blog, with inspirational posts.

Heather shared the following with me, to share with you:

"I made my first quilt at age 10 and haven't looked back since.  Despite many years of quilting, I discovered a whole new world of possibilities when I began reading blogs! Every day I'm inspired by projects I see online and I have learned about all kinds of cool styles and techniques that I had never heard of before. I finally jumped into blogging myself to document my work, and it's been very helpful for me to look back on each project and think about how it went as I write it up in a post. For example, on my quilted clock, I didn't realize until I created a blog post and saw a thumbnail of the clock that the colors I picked had some problems. Plus, blogging has been a great way to get advice from others, try new things (like the FMQ Challenge!) and meet new friends!"

You may have seen the following posts on Heather's blog:

Beautiful colors and details in this "Quilted Clock" that she is currently working on:

She had a really cute post that she shared in the 2012 Pets on Quilts Show, hosted by Lilypad Quilting:

Heather participated in the Bloggers Quilt Festival:

SewCalGal was very impressed when she shared this was one of her first quilts that she owned start to finish.  Beautiful quilt, but looks VERY challenging for a "first quilt".  Another sign Heather is more talented than she may be aware of.

And, SewCalGal was definitely inspired with her Alphabet Animals project.  This G (Giraffe) definitely caught my attention and makes me want to make such a project too.

SewCalGal hopes to have  inspired you to go visit Heather's Blog (A Quilt of Heather).  She could use a quilty hug with some followers.  A Quilt of Heather is definitely a fun blog and I hope you'll take time to visit it soon and consider being a follower too!

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Belinda said...

I checked her out and saw how awesome she is!! I started following her and look forward to her posts!

The Quilted Dog said...

Very cool quilts! I'm checking her out!