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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall De-Stash Invitation

Fall officially arrives on September 22nd.

This is a great time of year to work on projects to decorate your home for the holidays, as well as for gifts.  And, it is also a great time to think about "De-Stash".  Like Spring Cleaning, there may be a few things in your sewing room that you don't use and someone else might want.  

If you part in the Spring De-Stash (aka SewCalGal's 12 Step Program) you may remember what this is all about.  This is a fun opportunity where quilting, sewing & embroidery enthusiasts simply identify what they may not be using in their sewing room and want to get rid of, to free up space in exchange for some $$$$.  Bloggers post on their blog about what they want to sale and their terms, while non-bloggers do the same using flickr.  Some may be open to trades, but most will post item(s) and price and let others know they are participating in a "Fall De-Stash Program" and encourage others to check it out too!  The more people we have participating and helping with PR the more shoppers we'll have.   Everyone is invited to participate and it is free to join this De-Stash Program.  

Start thinking about what you have in your sewing room that someone else might want.  Take photos and get ready to post on September 22nd.  SewCalGal will host a linky on "Fingertip Shopping", which is a blog focused on promoting awareness of super shopping opportunities.  To link up your post will need to be dated September 22nd or later, provide info on what you want to de-stash, price, and how you can be contacted.  You can add a link, for free, but I do ask that participants also include a link to the Fall De-Stash Linky post and encourage others to visit to see all the de-stash opportunities. 

Time to start thinking about what you want to de-stash. And, check back on Fingertip Shopping on September 22nd for all the great shopping opportunities from those that want to de-stash.  SewCalGal is definitely going to have a few items that will hopefully find a happy sewing room to go home to!  And, I hope you'll also find a happy sewing room to take some of your items that you'd like to de-stash too!

note:  This is for quilting, sewing & embroidery enthusiasts who truly have items in their sewing room that they would like to de-stash.  If you are in the business and want to increase awareness of products you have for sale, please email me for PR opportunities, as the Fall De-Stash is not intended for those in the business.

Those that wish to use the Fall De-Stash Logo in their post are certainly welcome to copy and use it as they wish.  PR appreciated!


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jillquilts said...

Would cross stitch be included in embroidery? Just curious. :)

LesQuilts said...

Yes, I am so there!
I'm going to start putting some packages together right now!
Thanks for organizing this!
Take care, Leslie

Julia said...
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Diane Swett said...

This souns so good. I have downsized from a large sewing room to a smaller one ,, would to participate if i can-just had shoyldee surgey tho.

Diane Swett said...

This souns so good. I have downsized from a large sewing room to a smaller one ,, would to participate if i can-just had shoyldee surgey tho.

CJ said...

I'm so glad that I saw this post - moving in about 6 weeks so downsizing would be fantastic! I have some stuff I will just never get around to using (unfortunately) and my new sewing room will be smaller.