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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rowenta Pressure Iron and Steamer

When at the Mogel Mountain Quilt Retreat, this fall, I had a chance to use the Rowenta Pressure Iron and Steamer.  Wow, is this a great iron.  It was always very hot and and the weight of this iron really made it  great for pressing.  There were several irons available at this retreat, but this was my absolute favorite at this retreat and for any iron I've ever used previously.  Loved it.
I haven't told my existing Rowenta iron that I'm dreaming of an upgrade.  My current Rowenta has been very good to me for many, many years and will probably do a great job for many more to come.  But there is something about this Pressure Iron and Steamer that has certainly caught my eye. 

Do you have a dream iron or are you dreaming of a particular iron?


CBH said...

Because I iron almost all my family clothes, I decided one day to upgrade my iron. I bought the Rowenta Pressure Iron: I love it. I can iron fast. However, when I do not have much to iron (sewing and need to iron quick), I use my "older" Rowenta.

Lynn W. said...

I've had 3 Rowentas in the past 20+ years. The PowerGlide still works but spends most of its time on the shelf while the Power Duo is the daily iron. No idea what I might buy next time.

Barb said...

No, I don't but I do now!!!

Anonymous said...

? ~ Did it drip water? All 3 Rowenta irons I have owned dripped or leaked. Just wondering as this is a pricey model... of course, 1 of my irons was a bit more than your average priced iron. I have a Shark now ($30) that is okay... just doesn't steam well (haven't found one that does) and the water spritzer never works right.


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

You already know I think Reliable Velocity 100 and Velocity 50 ROCKS BIG TIME. I'll challenge you to an Iron Off.....my Reliable vs your Rowenta....at 20 paces....you must have holster to participate....ROFL.

I'm sure you are not surprised by me reply!!! What can I say?


moosestashquilting said...

I too love this iron, but it's life is limited. I have to replace mine about every 2 years. The last one spit water for quite awhile, and I should have taken it back right away, but I was lazy and it has since seemed to stop. On all 3 of my past irons, the place where the cap screws onto the base starts to melt. I first thought it was the little green gasket and ordered more, but that was not the issue. Good luck with yours. I keep buying them because I love the job they do, but for the money I think they should last much longer.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh yes, I hate my iron - I'm dreaming of the Oliso Smart Iron so I can donate my old one!

Prima Donna said...

I've been loking at the Velocity V50 Compact Vapor Generator Iron on Amazon.com. One feature I really like is that you can by-pass the automatic shut-off. Any one else used this iron?

sewmeow said...

I had a generator iron (not Rowenta) and loved it for about 2 yrs. Then bought a Rowenta..had it about 3 yrs., now am down to a cheapie Black & Decker....jeez!

Hope you get one for yourself if that's what you want. You definitely deserve the best from Santa.

Kim said...

I love my Rowenta I hope it last the rest of my life :0)
This one does look pretty great though.

Happy Sewing

Marjorie said...

Oyyyyy! Irons--what a topic--we all have our favs. I had one Rowenta I absolutely loved and although it no longer holds water, I keep it to use with a spray bottle for emergencies. I pulled it out last week when my Shark died. My newer Rowenta Professional never gets hot enough and doesn't steam very well, but it cost too much to throw away. I replaced the Shark, but have dreams of one like the Rowenta Pressure Iron and Steamer.

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

My Rowenta has a leakage problem. After deciding whether to design it some of its very own "Depends" or not...I decided to not allow it to ever drink another drop and now it is only allowed to come out and play for dry iron use.

After buying an expensive iron and dealing with it's incontinence I went with a Black and Decker next. Did you know that when an iron falls into the down position--and it doesn't have automatic shut off-- that even though if you catch it before an actual fire starts (because you smell the scorched ironing board) that the iron burns itself up?? Yep. Sure does. Never turns on again.

So, now I am the proud owner of a Hamilton beach "professional" cheapy iron. I haven't got to use it yet. It's been home less than 24 hours. It does shut off within 30 seconds of falling and not moving though. Nice feature.