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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joy of Sets

I couldn't miss going to the San Diego Quilt Show (SDQS) and not see Sharyn Craig and Daniela Stout.  Sharyn Craig was the Guest Artist at the recent SDQS and Daniela Stout was at the show, in the Cozy Quilt Designs booth. 

Sharyn Craig had a wonderful exhibit of her quilts and was there to share insights on her quilting experiences which included years of teaching, and her on-going activities writing quilting books.  To my delight, Sharyn shared insights about a new ruler she has designed that will be bundled with patterns that will help you set blocks (specific block designs are not included as this focus is on settings).  
This new bundle  "Joy of Sets", by Sharyn Craig, published by Cozy Quilt Designs, will be released at Quilt Market. It will include a booklet that contains an instructional guide for using the ruler, including the setting triangles like the quilt shown in this post.  To clarify these are not plain triangles but setting triangles comprised of different strips and triangles.  The booklet will take the math of of the settings process allowing quilters to enjoy the process of setting blocks in beautiful quilts. 

Sharyn's new ruler will help set blocks in 6", 9" or 12" sizes (other sizes can frequently benefit, if you use coping strips).  I was delighted to see the prototype for this ruler and very impressed on its' capabilities.  I'm definitely eager for this upcoming bundle to be released.  My quilt blocks are dancing in excitement as the want "Joy of Sets" in their life!
It was inspirational to see how easy and fast  Sharyn's new ruler could help to set blocks to create spectacular quilts.  Look at the detail in this setting, including the border setting.  Beautiful.

I also enjoyed seeing Daniela Stout, owner of Cozy Quilt Quilt Shop and owner of Cozy Quilt Designs.  She was giving a great demo on the Clearly Perfect Angles tool, which convinced me that I must get one of these tools!

I'm now eagerly waiting for announcements from Sharyn Craig and Daniela Stout about the release of their new "Joy of Sets" bundle.  When I get a copy, I'll certainly share my insights.  But I'll give you the heads up....your going to want your own copy too!  After all, don't we all want "Joy of Sets"?

For those going to Quilt Market, look for "Joy of Sets" in the Cozy Quilt Designs booth.  And, if you are not at Quilt Market, you'll later be able to find these online at Cozy Quilts.  You can also contact your favorite quilt store to have them offer "Joy of Sets" too!


Barb said...

Did you know that you just hit 500 followers, how awesome is that?

Thanks for the info, I will be on the look out as well.

Stormy Days said...

Love the review, but, hey congratulations on your 500!

Lovie said...

Good review - I love her quilt that you show. The cornerstone treatment is outstanding and make that quilt.