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Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun Stuff - Thanks to CT Publishers, Joni Pike & Hillcreek Designs

I was recently the lucky winner of a CT Publishers giveaway.  I love these opportunities, as they allow me to get exposure to designers and manufacturers, that I may have not previously gained insights about.  And, with this giveaway I was very excited to get introduced to Joni Pike, who wrote this lovely book "Cute As A Button Quilts", publishd by CT Publishers. 

Cute as a Button Quilts, by Joni Pike, is a delightful book.  It provides insights on 12 Quick Quilts & Playful Projects to Decorate your Home.  I found this book to be well written, providing insights for all levels of quilters, to help create some whimsical quilts, wallhangings, and other projects.  Insights learned from this book would also carry over to many other projects. 

In this giveaway I also won several design patterns by Joni Pike, and button packages by Hillcreek Designs.  I'll share more insights on these particular designs & buttons in the near future, but wanted to share this tidbit with you now:

The Frosty Flakes pattern, by Sew Special Designs, is a fun design, with well written instructions. 

Hand dyed buttons, called "Frosty Flakes", by Hillcreek designs, are absolutely perfect for the "Frosty Flakes" design by Joni Pike.  Plus these high quality buttons would work well on many other projects.


I do believe the book "Cute As A Button" would be a fun book for any quilter, as well as make a lovely gift.  And, the desgisn by Joni Pike, and buttons by Hillcreek designs, are also delightful and great quality.  I can't wait to make a quilt using these items.

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Anonymous said...

I just finished buying all the fabric for the Frosty Flakes quilt a couple weeks ago -- now I just need to make it! Agree, obviously, that it is super cute!