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Sunday, October 11, 2009


I must confess that I was an early adopter of designing quilts on my computer, dating back to EQ1 and EQ2.  But, somewhere along the line I gave up using a computer to design quilts. While I had fun with EQ1 and EQ2, it just didn't offer enough to retain my interest.

I recently decided to investigate to understand what the value of EQ6 might be, as well as to understand the ease of use. 
Very quickly, I was able to intall EQ6 on my computer and it seemed that instantly I was able to start playing with the software (without reading any manual).  My overall impression is EQ6 is that it is very user friendly and offers a vast amount of functionality.  I've also found that the book, which comes with the EQ6 software, is well written and very helpful.  And, that there is so much functionality in EQ6 that every style of quilter (applieque, paper pieced, traditional, contemporary, artful, whimsical, etc) is going to find functionality in EQ6 that they will fall in love with.   
Clearly, EQ6 is vastly different than EQ1 and EQ2.  I also believe it is vastly different than EQ5.  My perspective on EQ6 is that is a sophisticated software package that offers a broad spectrum of capabilities, whereby the beginner quilter through the advanced quilter could find benefits of using EQ6. For example, while most think of using EQ6 to help design quilts I quickly saw benefits for "color selection" and "fabric auditioning".  I was amazed that EQ6 has over 5000 newly scanned fabrics, all labeled with Manufacturing and fabric name.  Plus, EQ6 has a new random color recolor feature!  Again, even if you don't want to design a quilt, this feature can be worth the cost of the software to help enable better color & fabric selection for your quilts.
EQ6 also has  over 4300 blocks which can be printed in any size, a large selection of border styles, over 4000 non-digitized embroideries, 400 ready made quilt layouts, a new set applique text tool, to allow you to write on your quilts, and many other delightful features.  If you want more insight on all the new features in EQ6 check out:  http://www.electricquilt.com/Shop/EQ6/EQ6.asp
The Electric Quilt Company has also created a delightful community for their customers.  They have a fantastic   NewsletterBlog,  online Forum, online Lessons, online Classes,  and Club EQ, all to help EQ6 customers (and customers of other Electric Quilt products) learn & network.
They also hold fun contests, of which there is still time to enter their current contest "Rose of Sharon EQ6 Block Challenge".  This contest is open to beginner through advanced EQ6 users, and Electric Quilt Company's online tutorials will help any EQ6 user learn how to create a Rose of Sharon block that you can enter into this contest!
Again, all you need to do is design a Rose of Sharon block using EQ6.  Blocks will go through two rounds of judging.
Make it through the first round and your block designs could be featured in an upcoming Rose of Sharon book and DVD and sent to Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims for round two. 
If Alex & Ricky select your design as part of the top twelve designs, you would win a ton of cool prizes. The best 12 blocks will be on the cover of the book and made into a Rose of Sharon quilt, and up to 100 of the designs submitted will be in the book.
The Rose of Sharon Block Challenge has fantastic prizes too: 
  • Bernina: Software Embroidery 6 - $2199.00 retail value for Grand Prize Winner
  • Electric Quilt Company:  Gift Certificate - $50.00 value per winner
  • Nine Patch Media:  DVD Library - 10 Titles - $300.00 retail value per winner
  • Island Batik:  Assortment of Island Batik fabric bundles - $500.00 retail value per winner
  • The Quilt Show:  Series Four DVD - $49.95 retail value per winner, Gift Certificate for 1 Year membership - $42.95 retail value per winner
  • Pellon:  Legacy Bamboo Blend Queen size batting - $35.00 retail value per winner
  • AccuQuilt:  A prize package that consists of a GO! mini tote filled with a $100 AccuQuilt gift certificate, a 16-page Idea.  Book and three patterns - $140.00 retail value per winner
  • Martingale & Company:  Rose of Sharon Book - $30.00 retail value per winner. 
    Library of 12 new releases - $300.00 retail value per winner

  • OESD:  Coupons for 2 OESD embroidery online stock design collections of the winners choice (choose from over 44000 designs in 1900 stock collections) - retail value $138.00

  • Barbara Shapel:  The Art of Machine Quilting DVD - $30.00 retail value per winner. 

  • The Art of Machine Quilting Kit - $40.00 retail value per winner
Entry deadline: November 15, 2009.
For more info on this contest, or to enter:  http://www.electricquilt.com/RoseofSharon/default.asp
And remember, if you are new to EQ6 (like me) this is a great learning opportunity.  To me, this contest is like a free EQ6 workshop to learn to make a Rose of Sharon Block!    I can't wait to learn to make a Rose of Sharon block with EQ6!  I hope you'll join me!
If you are not an EQ6 user, I want to encourage you to become an EQ6 contest and use this contest to learn EQ6.  This is a fantastic software package that I'm sure you'll enjoy learning, and you'll see benefits as soon as you start using this software.  I know I have.

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Sherri said...

This was very informative...I've been thinking about getting EQ6...