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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finding Unexplored Tool and/or Learning Opportunities

How do you reverse sew?

Do you ever wonder about tools that you may have never played with?  Or do you have insights on tools that  you think others may not be aware of? Either way,  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

For now, I want to share with you insights on a tool that I have heard about, for awhile, but haven't had a reason to play with until recently.

I've know other quilters who love using a mustache trimmer to help with seam ripping (aka reverse sewing).  I was just happy to continue to use my trusty seam ripper, when I needed it.  But recently I attended  a machine embroidery class, by Joan McKenna.   Joan was sharing various tools that she liked and when she shared that she uses a mustache trimmer for machine embroidery, I knew I had a good test case. 

I was recently recruited to make 25 aprons for volunteers to wear at a fundraiser.   While I"m embarrassed to admit that I machine embroidered "two" aprons on the wrong side, I feel it is important to share insights on tools that I learned help to "reverse" machine embroider these aprons.

Joan McKenna let me test her mustache trimmer to reverse stich my machine embroidery on an apron.  While I found I needed to periodically use my traditional seam ripper and small embroidery scissors, to help pull threads on on each side of my apron, I found that using the mustache trimmer to shave off threads on both sides of the apron really helped to remove the very dense machine embroidery stitching and not damage the apron material. 

This tool worked so well I was able to re-stitchout the embroidery design, on the correct side of the apron, and it is difficult to tell that there was ever a problem.
My conclusion:  Having a mustache trimmer is truly a great tool for quilting, machine embroidery and sewing enthusiasts.  Yes, a traditional seam ripper is a great tool....but a mustache trimmer really, really, really helps to expedite the painful process of ripping out threads.  I've also concluded that this learning experience is another reason why it is good to take classes.  There is always something to learn!

For those in the San Diego County area, I want to share insights on some new classes when Joan McKenna is teaching in the SD Adult Ed program.

MACHINE EMBROIDERY MADE EASY:  Thursdays, 1:30-5:30pm, West City Campus, Nov 6th 2009 - January 22nd - 2010. Joan also has new classes starting for Basic Sewing and Pattern Making. For more info on Joan's classes chec out  http://www.sewnproductsdiva.blogspot.com/  or contact Joan McKenna directly via email mckenna@gothere.com or call her at  619-388-4955

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