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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ArtBin Tote Folio & Mat & Ruler Tote

I love quality products that help me organize and carry projects and supplies to workshops and retreats.  I'm a packrat and always overpacking, pushing storage and totes to their maximum capacity and weight.  Thus, I really want to emphasize that I have high expectations.  I don't like buying products that handles break, straps break, or seams rip and I find my treasures spilling out.
I recently learned about the ArtBin tote Folio {photo above; ArtBin Tote Folio black/grey} and wanted to share my insights with you.  

This tote {photo above; ArtBin Mat & Ruler Tote black/white tic fabric} is made of high quality materials workmanship. 
- The main storage pocket is a large zippered  compartment holds up to 20"x 26" x 1 1/2";  
this section is perfect for holding large cutting mats, projects, etc.
- Front lower pocket to easily hold long rulers with a flap that secures with velcro measures 6"24".
 - Front 12x12" pocket with zipper, perfect for rulers, quilt blocks and supplies.
- Two additional front zippered pocks with zippers for holding scissors, rotary cutters and various tools. 
- Back side zippered pouch hold up to 15.5" x 15.5" items; perfect for rulers, projects, books, patterns, class handouts and other items.
- Back side zippered pouch holds up to 12.5"x12.5"  pocket with zipper:  perfect for rulers, projects, books, patterns, class handouts and other items.
Carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap.  I found this bag to be very comfortable to carry when fully packed.

This tote {photo above; ArtBin Mat & Ruler Tote black/white tic fabric} also has two options to carry it:  1) nice handle with quality straps and flexible user friendly handgrip, or 2) adjustable shoulder stap of quality material with comfortable shouldergrip.

I want to compliment ArtBin for designing an exceptional tote.  It is made of great quality materials, stitched with great quality, and is the absolutely best tote that I've ever seen designed for quilting and sewing enthusiasts.  I also think this bag would work well for many scrapbookers and various crafters. 

I'm also amazed that this high quality bag is available for such a reasonable price.  It is an "Exceptional" value and an item I view is a "must have" for any quilter or crafter that takes classes, workshops or attends sew-cials.  It is also an item that I view would make a lovely gift for any quilting or sewing enthusiast.  Given this time of year maybe you could forward a copy of this article to your personal Santa, to suggest they bring you an ArtBin Tote Folio this coming Christmas.  But then, you may want to simply just buy one on your own.  It is a wonderful bag that I'm sure you will enjoy!

ArtBin has many fantastic products available for purchase via their online store.

The ArtBin Tote Folio can be purchased by clicking here http://art.artbin.com/softside_storage.asp#totefolio

The ArtBin Mat / Ruler tote can be purchased by clicking here:

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Beena said...

It looks so sleek, and wonderful for staying organized on the go!