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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cat Week: Can you find your muse while attending a Quilt Show?

The Preview Party at the San Diego Quilt Show this evening was a hugh success.  A delightful evening that allowed time to liesurely view all the quilts, as wel as shop in the spectacular vendor booths.  This special evening was also a fundraiser for the Michaelle House, a non-profit that makes a difference in the lives of many in San Diego.

This year's SDQS is an exciting show with a large variety of quilts, from traditional, contemporary, whimsical, and artistic.  All, are beautiful.  And, there are many exhibits within this show.

This show runs Thursday - Saturday and is held at the San Diego Convention Center.  While I'll be writing more about this show in the near future, I do want to share some insights about it now.  And, if you've been following me lately, you'll understand I'm searching for my muse.  So, I must confess I attended the SDQS wondering if I could find my muse at this show.

I saw many inspiring quilts, delightful vendors with fantastic fabrics, supplies, patterns and various items that we all need. 

As my previous muse was a cat, and my theme this week is cats, I want to share with you some insight about this show, through the eyes of a cat lover.  But I must admit that there are many delightful quilts on display.  So many beautiful quilts, that I suspect most participants will no even realize that there was a single quilt with a cat motif.  But for me, the quilts with cats remind me so much of my muse, my heart was drawn to these beautiful quilts. 

To point how how easy it might be to overlook a quilt at the SDQS with a cat theme, I'm wondering how many realized the above quilt has a delightful applique block with a cat?  Yes, this beautiful applique quilt also includes a block with a delightful cat.  This quilt was made by  Lorraine Jaskot, of San Diego, CA.

{above} "Kwilt Klub Kattery" made by Sandy Delman of San Diego, CA.  Quilted by Kerry Marksbury. 

{above} Close up of quilt previously shown, made by Lorraine Jaskot, of San Diego, CA.

{Above} These cuddly sock cats were made Candy Emmons, of Perry, NY.  Oh, how I'd like to cuddle with these cute sock cats!    Aren't they adorable?  They were part of the exibit "Demensions in Dollmaking 2009", sponsored by the San Diego Doll Club, IOLCC, which stands for "Imitation of Life Construction Company".  I plan on sharing more insights about this exhibit and the IOLCC in future articles. 

{above}This delightful artistical quilt was made by Linda Laird.  It is called "With 2 Cats in the Yard".  It measures 17x16 and is for sale for $85. 

{Above}  This beautiful "Sunbonnet Kitties" stole my heart.   It was made by Mary Anne Weiben, of El Centro. 

Again, there is more to see at the SDQS than quilts with cats.  This is an excellent show with many beautiful quilts on display, including special quilting exhibits.  I do hope you'll be able to visit the SDQS this weekend.  I'd love to hear what your favorite quilt is. As previously mentioned, I'll be sharing more insights about the SDQS in the near future.


Beena said...

The cuddly sock cats are too adorable!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

They absolutely are the cutest kitties! I work the Dimensions booth and what a treat to sit there with all those fabulous doll creations! Thank you so much for mentioning us, we love attention! I've got photos of lots more of the show dolls over on my blog, so if anyone is interested in taking a peek, please stop by!

And if you can, come see us and all the delicious quilts in person...today's the last day! It's a great show and supports the cure for breast cancer.