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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cat Week: Can you find your muse in a quilt store?

While looking for my muse, I'm definitely drawn to cats.  I went to Quilter's Paradise, in Escondido, to see if I could find my muse.  

Quilter's Paradise has some delight "Garden Patch" Kits with really cute designs created by Helen Knoff.  They have a Avocatao Kit,Walla Walla Kitty Kit, Stalker Kat, Pumpkat Kit, Podcats kit, Kitney Bean Kits, Caulipus Kits, and Boscat Kits.  All the kits are also accurate cut via a laser cutter.

Each kit is  $15.99, includes pattern & fabric.   Finished size (including border) is 18" x 18".

Quilter's Paradise uses this amazing laser to make these kits.  This laser is made by Epilog Laser, and has the ability to cut many other items besides fabric.  While Quilter's Paradise uses this laser to cut kits for the Garden Patch designs, and some McKenna Ryan designs, they also use this laser to cut acryllic for bottoms of purses & totes, and to engrave on wood.  And they can cut on heavy stock paper, which works perfect for those doing applique, as well as those wanting stenciles to audition fabrics.  While they sell these products in their store, they are also providing wholesale laser cutting services.

The detail for what this laser can cut is absolutely amazing.  Kits come with pattern, fabric that is cut and iron on stablizers ready to apply precut fabrics.  How cool is that?

Quilter's Paradise also has come up with this "CutRiteTM Square-Up" Template Set  which helps streamline the fussy cutting process.  While I've not used these templates, I was very impressed with the overview of these templates that I received at Quilter's Paradise.  When ever I get a chance to actually use these interesting templates I'll definitely share more insight with you. 

And there was some really fun cat fabics at Quilter's Paradise, among many other delightful fabrics.

And look at this cute panel fabric.  Too cute!

I hope you'll get a chance to visit Quilter's Paradise soon, either by popping into their physical store, or checking out their online store.

Quilter's Paradise
1451 Montiel Road, Suite 140
Escondido, California 92026
(760) 738-9677
(760) 738-9877 (fax)

Shop Online with Quilters Paradise:  http://www.quiltersparadiseesc.com/Shop%20Online.php