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Monday, November 3, 2014

New Hoffman California Fabrics, Heart & Soul Sisters by Jamie Fingal and Insights on Quilt Festival

Who doesn't find inspiration with new fabrics and designs?  Even more fun when you get to create a fun project with them.  As such, SewCalGal enjoys learning about new items showcased at Fall Quilt Market and/or Quilt Festival.  And, today, I'm delighted to share insights on new fabrics from Hoffman California Fabrics, with an emphasis on the new Heart & Soul Sisters line, by Jamie Fingal.  I also have insights to share about one of Jamie's classes at Festival.  I hope you are also inspired too!

If you have problems viewing the above catalog embedded in this post, click this link to view it directly: 

Hoffman is always introducing beautiful new fabrics that are perfect for quilting, mixed-media artists, as well as sewing and embroidery enthusiasts.  The newest line by Jamie Fingal, is a whimsical and colorful line called Heart and Soul Sisters.

Jamie Fingal is a mixed media artist, teacher, and curator who became a Hoffman fabric designer in 2013.  She is a "Rebel Quilter who creates great fun in everything she does.

She is also the Founder of the House Quilt Project to assist Furnishing Hope, who works with designers to create interior rooms and entire houses to help those in need. Jamie works with individual quilters to coordinate the making of patriotic house quilts for the walls of rooms for individuals wounded in service to our country.  Volunteers are always welcome.

One of Jamie's classes at Quilt Festival, was Coffee on the House!  Beth of Sierra Stars Quilting Vacations was one of the students in this class and she kindly provided photos for me to share with you today.  And she also shared:

"When you're with the Rebel Quilter (Jamie) everything is about fun and creativity without any rules.  Coffee On The House class was a perfect ending to my visit to IQF Houston. "

{above} Jamie Fingal

{above} project materials

{above} class samples

{above} Beth's project

Hoffman recently released an article on their blog about Heart & Soul Sisters, a new line of fabric designed by Jamie Fingal, with fun insights on this fabric and free tutorial to use it to make mini-quilt wallhangings that could also be great kid friend projects, or even fun family projects.

The fabric line comes in two colorways:  Rainbow and Daisy.

{above} Rainbow colorway of Heart and Soul Sisters

{above} Daisy colorway of Heart and Soul Sisters

Jamie also has a free tutorial at We All Sew to make a cute whimsical house art wall quilt. 

You can find Jamie Fingal at:

You can find Hoffman at:

You can find Beth of Sierra Stars Quilting Vacation at:

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Dana Gaffney said...

I was just looking at this new line, it has so many possibilities and the colors are wonderful. It's all so much fun.