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Monday, November 17, 2014

#CreativeGoodness Weekly Linky Themed Parties - #FallGoodness Week

Recently, SewCalGal hosted an "It's All About Kids" blogging event where insights and inspirational projects were shared to show off various kid friendly craft projects.  It was great fun and has inspired me to start hosting a weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Party.  And today, I want to tell you about it.

For many of us, #CreativeGoodness is found when we quilt.  But we also enjoy other forms of creativity.  These linky parties are meant to encourage creating, sharing and inspiring all the forms of creativity we enjoy.  

For some it is found when we stitch embroidery, or other forms of sewing.  But creative goodness can include knitting, crochet, weaving,  cooking, gardening, scrapbooking, creating clipart, photography, working with clay, making jewelry, and so much more.

Every Friday, starting this Friday, SewCalGal will host a weekly  #CreativeGoodness Linky Party where everyone is invited to show off their creativity, have fun, and inspire kids of all ages (this event isn't just about kids).  Periodically we'll have some sponsored giveaways.  Each week, SewCalGal will also pick one of the  participants from the previous week, to showcase.

Bloggers and non-bloggers will be invited to participate.  Non-Bloggers can upload a shareable file and copy to a Flickr group "CreativeGoodness". Bloggers have their choice of adding a link to a current post, or an old post.  But everyone that joins the linky party needs to share something that fits their interpretation of the theme that week!  

Here are some things you may want to tips or tutorials, but the goal is to share inspiration on whatever you create that fits the weekly theme.  You might want to share:

1) Quilts, table toppers, wallhangings, etc
2) Crafty projects for decorating, gifts, thoughtfulness, etc. (e.g. scrapbooking, cardmaking, drawing/doodling, painting, embossing)
3) Kid Friendly projects
4) handmade clothing (sewn, knitted, crochet, etc)
5) recipes
6) tutorials or photos
7) clipart, video editing, photoshop editing, wordArt, etc.
8) freebies patterns, but please do not enter links for things that are for sale.  We are trying to inspire creativity, not sell things.  At the same time, SewCalGal loves to recognize those in the business so if you have made something that you are sharing, please do share the source of your design, as appropriate.
But what you share will need to be something you created, not a photo of something someone else created.  And, it will need to fit the theme of the week.  There is a new page on my blog created for this event labeled "#CreativeGoodness".  I will soon post the schedule for our linky parties to show the theme, for each week, as well as recognize sponsors that for parties that we will have giveaways.

This week, on Friday, November 21st, the theme will be #FallGoodness.  You may have a Fall quilt, wallhanging, or table topper you may want to share.  Maybe you set a spectacular table for Thanksgiving and you want to share tips, or a special Fall recipe.  What ever creativity with a Fall theme that you want to share to inspire with others will be welcome.

Bloggers need not post a badge on your blog, nor page, but should you wish to here is the code for the badge for #CreativeGoodless Linky Parties:

I will also be releasing a schedule for the weekly themes shortly, but I'd also like to hear your recommendations.  Feel free to leave a comment or email me with your recommendations.  Here are a few themes which I'm thinking about:

I hope you'll join me for the #FallGoodness Linky Party this coming Friday!  And, of course, even if you don't link up, I hope you'll be inspired and visit all the blogs, as well as get inspired by what they share and what non-bloggers share too!  After all, we can all use more #goodness in the world.  And collectively, we are pretty good with #CreativeGoodness so this is all about sharing and inspiring what we already enjoy!

~ Create ~ Share ~ Inspire ~ #CreativeGoodness ~

This week I want to showcase a fun #FallGoodness project, which is also kid friendly.  The Fiskars' Creative Team is always coming up with fun creative projects, many of which are kid friendly.  These sweet Stuffed Turkeys are a no-sew project that make a cute Fall decoration, of course, it is absolutely perfect for Thanksgiving too!
Maybe your kids will want to make these cute turkeys and share them in the linky party this Friday.  But Fiskars has many great Fall theme project ideas, as well as products to help us be creative.


beaquilter said...

fun fun

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Perhaps some kind of bag? Or knit-crochet or hand or machine embroidery? Anyhow this sounds like fun and am looking forward to participating and see what else others share.

Dana Gaffney said...

This looks like great fun! I love to see other crafts and ideas.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Sounds like fun and the little turkeys are cute!