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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quilt Trunk Shows and Traveling Quilt Exhibits

There are a variety of types of Trunk Shows and Traveling Quilt Exhibits, yet they all create fun and inspiration for Quilters.  Today, I want to talk about these shows and how they can not only provide fun for quilters, but how they can help Quilt Shops, and in some cases Quilt Guilds and Quilt Shows.  I'd also enjoy hearing your thoughts on this topic, by way of a comment.  But I'm also hoping that you'll help increase awareness of these opportunities by sharing with your favorite Quilt Shop, and if appropriate, your Quilt Guild or contacts for your local Quilt Show.

To start, as well as for inspiration, I want to share a little video I created after attending an inspirational Trunk Show at Cozy Quilt Shop recently.  While this trunk show focused on their Strip Club designs, not all of their designs in this collection were shared.  And, a few quilts made from designs in other categories (e.g. Fat Quarters, Sew Chicks, etc.) made it into this Trunk Show.   All of the quilts were beautiful and I hope you find it as inspirational as I did.

If you are on a MAC, or having problems viewing this embedded video click this link to watch it directly in YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5HZobdphcQ&list=UUIAc2hHLF2xVriqYhTOx_QQ

Trunk Shows are typically comprised of quilts to promote designs available in books or patterns, from various Authors and Designers.  Some are used when they travel to teach and give a presentation at a Quilt Guild, or Quilt Shop, whereas others travel for display purposes, typically at Quilt Stores, but sometimes at Quilt Shows, or Quilt Museums.  Obviously, when the Author or Designer travels with their Trunk Show the expense is greater than when the Trunk Show travels alone.  Plus, in the case of a Quilt Shop, scheduling a Trunk Show can often mean that they can display the quilts in the shop longer and typically increase their sales of the respective books and/or patterns, as they help to draw customers into the store!

Some Trunk Shows may require a minimum wholesale purchase, or a fee to display.  Most require the store to cover postage to the next store that will be displaying the Trunk Show, whereas some require the store to pay for postage to/from the source.

Not all Authors or Designers have information on their websites which would increase awareness that they have quilts that are available to travel as a trunk show, without paying the traveling expense of the individual.  But, if you ask, there is a good chance that your favorite designer has a trunk show they could send on request, so it is worth asking.  Of course, SewCalGal would love to see a site that would help promote authors and designers by allowing them to list that they offer trunk shows, as well as a way for promoting which stores are hosting trunk shows.

For quilters, if you have a favorite Author or Designer you can help them with PR by letting your local quilt shop know you'd like to have a trunk show displayed, as well as their books and/or patterns made available for purchase.

There are also Authors, Designers, Fabric Manufacturers, and even some Quilt Museums that  have exhibits that can travel to not only stores, but Quilt Guilds. While Quilt Guilds may prefer to have a speaker with a trunk show, many guilds can't afford it and may opt to display a trunk show and having a member share insights about the designer/author.  And, some guilds are quite successful by doing this combined with asking members that have made quilts using these designs, to also bring and share at such a meeting.

Here are some insights on Trunk Shows and Traveling Exhibits that you may want to see.  If so, definitely let your local quilt shop know you are interested.

Martingale rotates trunk shows as new books are released.  They currently have thirteen Quilt Trunk shows that are touring Quilt Stores, as well as four knit/crochet shows.  New Trunk Shows will be added in 2015 for the following new books:
Martingale also maintains an Author List, which you can sort by State and Author, for Authors that could be approached for presentation, workshops with their respective trunkshows.

Sources for other Quilt Trunk and Traveling Quilt Exhibits are:

Do you like to see Traveling Trunk Shows in your Quilt Shops?  Traveling Quilt Exhibits at Quilt Shows?  Are you aware of others that you want to recommend?  Are you willing to tell your local quilt shop that you'd like them to schedule one, or more, of the above Trunk Shows?

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Dana Gaffney said...

No quilt shops here, but I really enjoyed watching your slide show, I've always liked her patterns.

Nancy said...

I do enjoy seeing trunk shows at quilt shops. Any shop that has lots of samples to inspire is a draw for me. I just discovered that Studio Art Quilters Ass'n. offers traveling exhibits for guilds at a very reasonable rate. I'm hoping to share this with our program chair and to see one in person.

Nancy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barb said...

I didn't tell you but we are getting a quilt shop in Atlanta, I am so excited....