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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

You Can Quilt It, by Deborah M. Poole

Deborah M. Poole is a talented quilter from Idaho, who has won many  awards from regional and national shows. And, she is also the author of "You Can Quilt It!: Stunning Free-Motion Quilting Designs Made Easy",  published by Martingale.

The focus of this book is on free-motion quilting (FMQ) for longarmers, but many insights can be applied to those doing FMQ on a domestic machine too!  Either way, SewCalGal believes this is an exceptional book for anyone interested in free-motion quilting.  While it shows how to stitch a variety of designs, it may be one of the best books written that shares insights on how to layout designs for overall quilting that would certainly create stunning quilts. 

This book is well organized with all sorts of tips from marking tools, registration lines, stencils, templates, rulers, and more!

Deborah shows how to stitch a variety of feathers, wreath feathers, heirloom feathers, multiple plumes, curving feathers, how to stitch feathers around corners such as a border, feathered cables, and much, much, much more!

She also shows how to create grids, pearls, echo quilting, various fill stitch designs, basket weave, etc..

There are step-by-step instructions to make various designs shared in this book, but SewCalGal believes this book is better suited for those that are confident with free-motion quilting vs those that may just beginning to learn FMQ techniques.  But, for those that are confident, I wouldn't be surprised if an absolute beginner quilter used this book to top stitch a quilt that wins a major award at a quilt show. It really is that good of a book!

SewCalGal hopes you have a chance to check out this book at your favorite local quilt shop or online shop.  Of course, you can also find it in Martingale's online store, as well as on Amazon.

You can find Martingale at:


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Debbie said...

I have this book. It's greattttttttt!

Debbie said...

I have this book. It's greattttttttt!

Lana said...

NICE! I am going to go over and order one...looks like great examples and photos..those always make it easier to try!!!
Thank you for sharing...