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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Sacred Sewing Room Tour

Did you know that among all of the Industrialized Nations,  the United States has the largest number of homeless woman and children?

SewCalGal doesn't have a solution to this problem, but does want to share with you insights on a program that is trying to make life nicer for women and children living in shelters.  And, I'm hoping to inspire you to help and let others know about this new project.  I learned about this project from Baby Lock, which will be providing sewing machines to these shelters.

The non-profit organization Enchanted Makeovers transforms shelters for women and children into places that inspire positive change. Through the Sacred Sewing Room program, shelter residents learn the basics of sewing. They use their new skills as a coping mechanism, an expression of creativity, and a way to build a better future.

Enchanted Makeovers has teamed up with Baby Lock to bring a Sacred Sewing Room to five shelters on the 2014 Tour.

{above} Before/After Makeover Photos

Let's Make an Impact at Shelters in 2014

Terry Grahl is the Founder and CEO of Enchanted Makeovers.

The Sacred Sewing Room program was inspired by my mother’s story. Even though money was very tight, my mother made sure our family never went without by making so many things for her children by hand. I didn’t learn until I was older that my mother was battling depression at the time. I really understood the power of creativity and sewing when my mother said to me, ‘A sewing machine saved my life.’ I knew I had to share the power of sewing with women living in the shelters we are transforming.” -Terry Grahl

This year Enchanted Makeovers has teamed up with Baby Lock to bring a Sacred Sewing Room to five shelters. The Sacred Sewing Room tour kicks off in June, and we need your support.


Join the Conversation  - Help spread the word and increase awareness about the Sacred Sewing Room Tour.

2014 Sacred Sewing Room Tour

Sponsorship - Enchanted Makeovers is looking for businesses and entrepreneurs to become a sponsor of the Sacred Sewing Room Tour.

Make A Cape - While children living in these shelters are typically too young to learn to sew, the program likes to give them a cape and let them become "super heroes".  But volunteers are needed to make capes to enable these children to become such heroes.  Click here for safety requirements and info on making these capes, as well as where to send them.

Donations - Monetary donations are always appreciated AND ARE THE BIGGEST AREA WHERE VOLUNTEERS/SUPPORTERS ARE NEEDED!  As mentioned earlier they do need capes.  

Their website for "Enchanted Makeovers" shows they are always in need of:  New white bath towels, new white wash cloths, set of new white twin sets, new twin mattress pads, new standard pillow protectors, new or custom journals, new or gently used books, new white crib sheets and sewing supplies.  Enchanted Makeovers is a non-profit 501 (c) 3.  All monetary and in-kind donations are tax-deductible under current IRS regulations. As each shelter has different needs, if you wish to donate in-kind donations it is best to contact an Enchanted Makeovers representative directly to confirm your donation is appropriate for their current projects.

Monetary donations can also be mailed to:

Enchanted Makeovers

ATTN: Sacred Sewing Room Tour

12663 Hipp Street

Taylor, MI 48180

SewCalGal checked with Terri Grahl and Baby Lock to confirmed what the immediate needs are. Money is definitely needed as funds are needed to cover airline flights and hotels for volunteers that create these sewing room makeovers, as well as supplies.  Of course, sponsors are also needed to donate items for each Sacred Sewing Room (e.g. fabric, sewing supplies, shelving, etc.).

To clarify, shelters that are scheduled in the Sacred Sewing Room Tour are only getting sewing rooms, no other rooms are being re-done as part of this particular tour.  But Enchanted Makeovers typically does one shelter per year, with a complete makeover that includes bedrooms and more.  As such, for now, items appropriate for a Sacred Sewing Room and Capes for Kids are where the focus is and support is needed.

Contact Enchanted Makeovers
by email:  EnchantedMakeovers@comcast.net
by phone:  734-776-0848 or 1-855-ShelsMe (743-4763)

For more info on the Sacred Sewing Room and Enchanted Makeovers:

While SewCalGal is copyright protected, you have my permission to use any/all of the information in this post, as you feel appropriate.  Please feel free to copy/paste and post on your blog, share on Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media tools.  Even share with your quit guilds, local quilting and sewing stores, as well as business contacts where you think a business may be interested in becoming a sponsor.

Let's Make an Impact at Shelters in 2014

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Dana Gaffney said...

Love this! I donate a lot of my quilts to the local women's shelter, but I like the idea of capes, they can be super heros, princesses or anything they can imagine, plus they have something to wrap up in. Thanks.

Jean said...

This is very interesting! What a wonderful idea. I will check out the info and spread the word.

Sherrie Naquin said...

What a great idea!

Mary Huey said...

Terrific idea! So glad to know about it and hope it will spread and spread and spread!