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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Sky Without Stars

A Sky Without Stars, is a new book by Linda S. Clare, published by Quilts of Love.

There is a saying among quilters that a bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.   It may have been this saying, as well as childhood memories, that drew me to wanting to read "A Sky Without Stars".  Either way, SewCalGal found this to be a delightful read with a heartwarming story, which also helps to expand our cultural diversity.  

While a fictional book, Linda clearly spent many hours researching before she wrote this book.  She has done a great job capturing what life was like for those living on a reservation in the 1950's, as well as what life was like for those that left the reservation and tried to make a new life on their own. 

Frankie Chasing Bear is the main character in this book. She is a single mother, recently widowed, raising a son (Harold). She respects her Lakota heritage and wants to ensure Harold grows up appreciating this culture, yet also find a way to embrace the culture of the white man. 

When Frankie's husband is killed in a bar room brawl, shortly afterwards Frankie and her son move to Arizona, to start a new life.  Frankie begins to create a Lakota Star pattern quilt for Harold in hopes that this also . Frankie and Harold have several bumps in the road, as they try to make a new life in Arizona, yet not lose sight of their culture and traditions. Frankie meets a BIA agent (Nick Vandergriff), a half Lakota, and the story unfolds. 

SewCalGal found this story to be a sweet read, with a heartwarming story.  It was also interesting to be able to visit a period in time (1950s) where the reader can feel what it was like to come from an Indian culture, living on a reservation, yet trying to be a single parent and raising a son with good values. 

"A Sky Without Stars" is a fun read and SewCalGal gives it a 4 out of 5 stars! 

You may be able to find this book at premier quilt shops or book shops, but you can also purchase a copy online at AbingdonPress, or at Amazon.com 


Linda S. Clare is an award-winning coauthor of three books, including “Lost Boys and the Moms Who Love Them” (with Melody Carlson and Heather Kopp), “Revealed: Spiritual Reality in a Makeover World,” and “Making Peace with a Dangerous God” (with Kristen Johnson Ingram). She is also the author of “The Fence My Father Built.” She has taught college-level creative writing classes for seven years, and edits and mentors writers. She also is a frequent writing conference presenter and church retreat leader. She and her husband of thirty-one years have four grown children, including a set of twins. They live in Eugene, Oregon, with their five wayward cats: Oliver, Xena the Warrior Kitty, Paladine, Melchior, and Mamma Mia!
Visit Linda's website:   http://www.lindasclare.com.
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SewCalGal was also impressed with the author of this book, where Linda S. Clare is also trying to raise funds to help a school in Blackfoot, Idaho.  While I've shared information on her Crowdsourcing Fundraiser previously, on my page for Charity Events, I want to also give take this opportunity to share it with you today:
is holding a fundraiser to benefit The Lillian Vallely School in Blackfoot, Idaho. It’s a nonprofit yet fully accredited school serving Native children on or near the Ft. Hall Reservation.  Your donations could help this school make a difference in the lives of the children living on this reservation.  And, you could also win a quilt and a bundle of books from Quilts Of Love. 

If you are on a MAC or have problems watching this embedded video, click this link to watch it directly in youtube:

This Crowdsourcing campain runs thru April 15th. 

Full Disclosure:  SewCalGal received a copy of this book from the publisher to write a review. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.  I also want to share that I've fallen in love with "Quilts of Love Books". 

If you have read any Quilts of Love Books, please leave a comment and let me know what ones you have read and what you thought of them.  And, if you are inspired to read "A Sky Without Stars", I'd also like to hear what inspires you to read this book.

You can find this book in the online store for Quilts of LoveAmazon, or other online book stores.


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suemac said...

What a great charity campaign. The book looks like it would be an interesting read.

Barb said...

What a wonderful review!!

Linda S. Clare said...

Thank you S
"SewCal" (cute handle!) for your kind words, and for telling your readers about my campaign. I truly appreciate your spreading the word! It has indeed been a great journey and I hope to get to write more stories about the 50s and/or the Native tribes. I am part Choctaw/Cherokee in case anyone wonders. Happy Reading! ~Linda Clare