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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Krysty's Quilt - A Dream Dependent On A Kickstarter Campaign

Like many quilters, SewCalGal is always looking for ways to inspire future generations to quilt.  As such, I was impressed when I came across a Kickstarter Campaign that shows much promise in helping to encourage the next generation of quilters, as well as encouraging them to read.  Two wonderful objectives!  And, I'm excited to be able to share insights with you about this campaign today.  I'm hoping it will inspire you and that you'll also consider spreading the word about this opportunity with your quilt guild, local quilt shops, fellow quilters, libraries, book clubs and more.

First, I want to share insights on Kickstarter, for those that may not be familiar with it.  It is a site where people can increase awareness of their dream which needs funds to make it become a reality and backers believe in the dream and want to see it become a reality.

SewCalGal spotted Krysty's Quilt on Kickstarter and felt it was a great dream and wanted to help increase awareness of it, in hopes that more would be inspired to help make this dream come true. It is a dream of turning a true story, about a young girl that wants to learn to quilt, told by Brandy Lynn Maslowski into a published book  for children that will inspire future generations to quilt, as well as read books.

The idea for this story certainly inspires me and I'm hopeful that this book comes to fruition and inspires future generations.  The story line sounds like a fun read and the watercolour illustrations are amazing.  The illustrator, Marcia Stacy is very talented!

Here is a Press Release which the author shared with me:

Are you looking for a heartwarming quilt-related gift for a child or grandchild in your family? Brandy Lynn Maslowski, the host of Canadian Quilt Talk, is constantly telling her listeners to share quilting with a younger generation on her talk show, her blog and everywhere she plays on social media. But she’s not just talking about it. She’s now making a move to get her children’s picture book,  published and in the hands and hearts of quilters and children everywhere. 

Kristy's Quilt is a heartwarming quilt adventure based on a true story. This children's book features 10 year old Kristy, a spunky little quilter who blossoms at the In Stitches Quilting Retreat. A book for ages 2-92.

Join Brandy Lynn, the Host of Canadian Quilt Talk from
Feb. 14th to Mar. 15th
for the Kristy’s Quilt Kickstarter campaign!

What’s Kickstarter? Supporters of the project (like you) fund the book in exchange for early bird copies and other fantastic rewards. Basically, if you back the project for $20 or more you’ll be one of the first people on earth to get a copy of the book in your hands this spring. You can choose any level of funding from $5 and up for all kinds of great rewards including bookmarks, softcover or hardcover copies, a doll quilt made by Brandy herself, and more. And most importantly, once the book is in your hands, you’ll be able to share your love of quilting with a child.

YOU CAN SUPPORT THIS HEARTWARMING PROJECT starting on Valentine’s Day and anytime from February 14th to March 14th by visiting the KRISTY’S QUILT PROJECT . Thank you for sharing the heritage of quilting with a child. You can connect with Brandy Lynn at www.brandylyndesigns.com


And, there is a great youtube video that also shares info on this Kickstarter Campaign.

You can back the Kristy's Quilt Project on Kickstarter in exchange for rewards for small to large.  This cute bookmark is one of the rewards available for backers of this project.

Brandy Maslowski, Quilt Designer
Teacher, Speaker, Apprentice Quilt Judge
and Host of Canadian Quilt Talk

Text/Cell: 250-488-4168
Email: info@explorefibre.com
Website: www.brandylynndesigns.com
Explore Fibre Blog: www.brandylynndesigns.blogspot.com

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suemac said...

What a great idea for a book. I like the fact that several quilt shops in my area offer lessons to children. I got to help teach a 4-H group. It was really fun and those girls were so enthusiastic.

Cheryl said...

I'm a backer!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'll be a backer as soon as I finish writing this....

See, you are always keeping us up on the goings on around the blogosphere and I so appreciate it.

Kickstarter seems to be a wonderful program that turns a persons dreams into a shared journey...wonderful.